And then there was today.

September 28, 2005

hey people,

I’m feelin’ very very tired right baout now. We had some turkey for dinner, and i’ve been feelin’ terrible since. Not terrible in a sense that i’m suffering, just terrible in teh sense that i can’t get up to do anything because i’m so tired.

Today i biked out to leonard. The total trip was about 16 miles, I made the mistake of eating turkey, and going out to bike. While i was out there, i took a couple pictures. Here’s one, here’s another.

The UPS man didn’t come with our DSL equipment today. It should be here by tomorrow. The DSL order status page has all kinds of screwed up information. First, it doesn’t list a UPS tracking number. Second, it still says it is going to be a technician install. I’ll give them a call tomorrow to ask what’s up.

That’s about it for today. See ya later.


One Response to “And then there was today.”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    baout needs an accent. Similar to Mark Twains common writing style in Tom Sawyer and Hickelberry Finn which makes them classics.

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