Lost – S02E01 – Secrets with Photos!

September 27, 2005

When this episode aired, i recorded it, and rip/encoded it here at the comptuer for inspection. I figured i’d share some of my discoveries with you folks.

1) Desmond (the guy living down in the bunker) is sleeping on bunk beds, he probably lives down there with some other people, perhaps ‘the others’ who appeared at the end of season 1:

2) When desmond walks over to the kitchen area, two things show up. One, he picks up somebody’s used dishes, and one glass is half full. Perhaps somebody just finished eating their meal while he was sleeping. Two, light is coming out of the window. It was actually night time on the island at that moment:

3) When desmond goes to shoot up, hurley’s number show up on the vaccine bottle:

4) Desmond’s emergency clothing resemble the uniforms of the navy:

5) Desmond has laundry detergent. I wonder where he got that from:

6) The sum of all hurleys numbers have been painted on the wall.

If i notice any during the airing of episode 2, I’ll gather screenshots, and share them with you folk. Have a nice day.


One Response to “Lost – S02E01 – Secrets with Photos!”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    I like the photo of the shirts / could use a little more contrast.
    That would be Graphic Novel if your running it that way.

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