What’s wrong with this website

September 26, 2005

The following bugs are specific to wordpress.com when using opera 8.5. Maybe some admin will respond to it.

1) The feedback box does not work. After clicking submit, the submit button disappears, and it does not redirect to a ‘thank you’ page.

2) The header thing that appears on all pages only expands halfway on a few skins, here’s a breakdown of how it functions on each skin:.

  • Almost Spring – full display
  • blix – 50%
  • green marine – full dislpay
  • Ocadia – Full Display
  • pool – full display
  • WP Classic – Full Display
  • WP Default – Full Display

There’s probably more, but i don’t feel like looking around. I posted this because i couldn’t use the feedback thing. The javascript toolbox


4 Responses to “What’s wrong with this website”

  1. Gary Says:

    I’ve sent this post link to the feedback box, and i told them that your feedback box doesn’t work.

    Hope it may help~ 🙂

  2. Matt Says:

    What browser are you on?

  3. mikey Says:

    The browser is opera 8.5

  4. Krista Antonini Says:

    This Web Site has a major seperator/conjunction problem: ,and is not acceptable.

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