What do firefox and linux users have in common?

September 26, 2005

They both use, and encourage use of an inferior product.

Now, I’m not saying IE and Windows are better than those two. IE is worse. But windows is alot more convient than linux, at least on a desktop platform. I’d never recommend

But, while we do have Firefox and Opera with enormous popularity, I do believe Opera and FreeBSD are way better than each of the two.

If you’re a forum man like me, almost every week you see some nard bragging about being able to click his way through the installation of fedora. As if he’s the next kevin god damn mitnick, just because he managed to point, and click through the optional packages menu.

And i’m not saying he’s an idiot because he managed to use something of convience. Convience is the goal of every user out there. I’m just saying he’s an idiot for picking something solely based off it’s popularity. because that’s what made linux popular. It wasn’t it’s ‘ground breaking features’, it was simply because it was out of the norm to use linux as a desktop platform.

What people need to realize is that just about every operating system out there can be used as a desktop platform. Just because it’s out of the norm doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. It’s out of the norm to steer your care using your toes, that doesn’t make it a good idea.

What makes FreeBSD better than linux is ease of administration. Unlike linux, if you need a software upgrade, you don’t have to go hunting off to 35 different websites, you can simply use cvsup to update your ports tree, then navigate to /usr/ports/ and run

find . -name packagename
cd path/to/packagename
make install

With those 4 commands, you can install your software, and have the port makefile gather all needed dependencies without a single god damn problem.

And if you need to update your software, that’s just as easy. Simply install portupgrade from /usr/ports/sysutils/portupgrade and each time you update your ports tree, run

cd /usr/ports
portupgrade -ra

And portupgrade will upgrade all of your software. If some installed software requires an old version, just wait around for a day or two, and there’s bound to be an update for your software sitting in the ports tree.

Hell, almost all software made for linux has been ported to freebsd. Why do people put so much time into learning linux, when there’s such a better operating system out there?

Alot of people say that most companies are switching to linux, and that’s why people are putting so much time into using it. Ask yourself this – Would you like to be the guy who keeps that company’s operations running stable, or would you like to improve the efficiency that company’s operations, and keep it running even more stable? I’d like to do the second one.

Now onto firefox. I used to be a fan of firefox. But after a while, i started noticing it was releasing more security patches than the phpBB people. I then looked at how the Opera people were doing, and i saw that there weren’t as many security holes. In addition to that, some professional web designers i know have been switching to opera simply because it follows w3c standards more closely. Yeah, Firefox does have some great extentions. But out of the box, opera beats firefox by a long shot. After finding a program called The Proximitron which does a somewhat good job of blocking advertisements (i was using adblock before), i decided i could use opera happily with it.

Study before making your decision, people. Don’t always follow the advice of your so-called geek friend. Simply take his advice, and look into it. After looking into it, take a look at competiting operating systems.

Have a nice day.


4 Responses to “What do firefox and linux users have in common?”

  1. barlas Says:

    I have never used FreeBSD and don’t know much about it but I guess everything you have told above can be easily done using debian and apt-get (some other or am I missing something? 🙂

    As far as Firefox and Opera are concerned, I like Opera, it’s way faster than firefox and has more features out of the box but I still prefer FF cause many sites which work fine with FF don’t work fine with Opera (some people I know have exactly opposite experience, so, I guess it just depends on which sites we visit) and secondly, Opera is not supported by many companies like I can’t install Google/Yahoo! toolbar in Opera etc.

    There are other reasons too, but these two are on the top of the list.

  2. barlas Says:

    oops, that line above is : (it can be done in many other distributions too) or am I missing something? 🙂 Sorry for double post, but I guess we can’t edit comments, right?

    Have fun 🙂

  3. mikey Says:

    The slackware people did make their own variation of the ports collection, and the debian people did do some neat things with apt, but I don’t believe either of those are nearly as large as the operation freebsd has.

  4. Krista Antonini Says:

    I don’t know who wrote this one but you’ve got the same seperator/conjunction problem.
    I’m sure that I could find more mistakes but this seperator/conjunctive problem has to go. Knock it off.

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