Understand Foreign Cultures : What is Bollywood?

September 25, 2005

[16:13] mikey: what’s bollywood anyway?
[16:13] Romeo Sahill: Hollywood is for USA , Bollywood is for Indian Cinema Industry
[16:14] mikey: who got the idea to name it bollywood?
[16:14] Romeo Sahill: what do you mean?
[16:15] mikey: like, who named it bollywood?
[16:15] Romeo Sahill: I dont know , do u know who named hollywood?
[16:15] mikey: the people who founded the town, hollywood is a place in california
[16:16] mikey: is there a town named bollywood?
[16:16] Romeo Sahill: well no , bollywood is just a name for INDIAN FILM CINEMA INDUSTRY!
[16:16] mikey: ohh
[16:17] mikey: so, why not just call it “indian cinema industry”?
[16:17] Romeo Sahill: no idea , bollywood is better.
there is one more
lollywood for Pakistan Film Industry πŸ˜€
[16:18] mikey: so, you’re all just copying hollywood?
[16:18] Romeo Sahill: copying? :S
[16:19] mikey: like, mimicing it. Since you’re just changing one letter
[16:19] Romeo Sahill: well no , i havent created the word bollywood , its created by INDAN FILM INDUSTRY
[16:20] Romeo Sahill: http://www.bollywood.com/
[16:20] mikey: What i meant by “you” is “you’re culture”
[16:20] mikey: why don’t they have a .in domain?
[16:21] Romeo Sahill: damn , you are confusing me.
[16:21] Romeo Sahill: I dont know , it’s depends on them.
[16:21] Romeo Sahill: it*
[16:21] mikey: you should write a letter to your congressman.
[16:22] mikey: you guys have congress, right?
[16:22] Romeo Sahill: ROFL! πŸ˜€
[16:22] Romeo Sahill: yea we have.
[16:22] mikey: alright, Great.
[16:22] mikey: I am going to post this, for other people wondering what bollywood is
[16:22] Romeo Sahill: are you drunk mikey?
[16:22] mikey: no, it’s way too early for that.
[16:22] Romeo Sahill: yeah please πŸ™‚
[16:23] Romeo Sahill: lol
[16:23] mikey: it’s only 4:23pm


5 Responses to “Understand Foreign Cultures : What is Bollywood?”

  1. aaronsw Says:

    wtf? they stole our congress too?!

  2. mikey Says:

    They can have them. They’re mostly just dirty republicans πŸ™‚

  3. matthanson Says:

    bollywood: bombay + hollywood. bombay now renamed mumbai (original too colonial). does this mean bollywood should be renamed mollywood?

  4. mikey Says:

    Maybe they should just call it “INDIAN FILM INDUSTRY!”

  5. Krista Antonini Says:

    You taped it you perv.

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