Leaving Dialup

September 25, 2005

Earlier this week, my MSN account of the past 7+ years got shut off because they couldn’t handle the task of updating a customer’s credit card expiration date, without updating the actual number. After being transferred through 5 people (1 american, 4 indian), we just got sick of dealing with their incompotence, and get a new isp. The only problem there was that we had no way to get online to order service from another company. So, i came up with the idea to call up a local ISP to get a temporary connection, so we could then get onto promo.yahoo.com/sbc/ to order SBC’s $15/month 1.5mbps dsl.

So, i called up the local company – dreamnet, and get an account. When i got on the line with them, the owner was in his car, and told me he would be able to setup my account when he got home later that night. I said okay, and took a nap while i waited.

Around 11:30pm, my account was finally setup. I sent a payment of $5 to the company for helping me out. Then, used the connection to update my bosses on what was going on.

The next day, i placed the order for dsl. Later that night, they told me my equipment would be delivered by UPS during the next 6 days, and i would be able to activate it on the 30th of the month.

Since placing the order, i have tried to cope with the slower-than-average speeds cogent (the bandwidth provider) has given me. I can have only an ssh window open, with trillian, mozilla, xchat, and everything else closed, and even then there will be a lag when sending and recieving data. In addition to that, this ISP drops me every 5 hours. MSN was dropping me every 6 hours. Before that, msn would only drop me every 10 hours, then it became 8 hours, then it was 6. MSN used bandwidth from level3, qwest, and uu.net depending on what access number you dialed. But, regardless of what number you dialed, it was still the same drop time.

Dialup is pretty rough. Only 6 days to go though 🙂


One Response to “Leaving Dialup”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Bitch be lookin’ at you sideways.

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