David David David…

September 25, 2005

There’s a guy named David over on irc.webhostingtalk.com #wht who just can’t seem to be nice to me.

I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because he’s had the penis’ of 18 different black men shoved up his asshole for the past 15 years. Or maybe it’s because his dad was fucking him for the 6 years before that.

Maybe it’s because his sister refused to suck him off on his 20th birthday. Blueballs can be torturious for a young man.

Maybe it’s because the boys in gym class laughed at his small penis, and sodomized him in the shower.

Maybe it’s because after sodomizing him, they all jacked off in a bucket, and dumped it on his face while a few of the black men from earlier held him down.

Maybe it’s because while they bukkaked him, they had his nipples hooked up to a car battery.

I don’t know why this guy has been so mad at me. Hopefully he’ll stop holding those repressed memories inside, and see a therapist.

Poor david 😦


One Response to “David David David…”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    You don’t need the comma after the word penis in the 4th paragraph down.
    A comma is a seperator.
    An “and” is a conjunction.
    You cannot use both a seperator and a conjunction at the same time.
    There’s three.

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