Today’s Trip

September 24, 2005

As i left, i knew it would be a pretty exhausting ride. I had mcdonalds for dinner an hour earlier, and i was still tired. However, it was getting dark, and i knew i’d have to leave then in order to make it home in time.

So, i left and rode down the pollyann trail from my house on lakeville road, all the way down to lake george road. The trip there was only 2.0 miles. Once there, i knew i would have to ride different way back in order to make 10 miles. So, i headed northbound down lake george road until reaching ray road.

From there, i rode north for a while until reaching ray road. Then i took ray road west, all the way down to hosner road. At hosner road, i rode south until reaching the pollyann trail. After that, i rode the pollyann trail back past home, and all the way down to the oxford lakes subdivision. From there, i rode down their roads, all the way around the lake, and out the alternate exit. After that, i went down lakeville road, and back home.

While riding through the neighborhood, i got to have a little chat with a guy i knew back in middle school, and high school. His name is alex williams. He’s a pretty cool guy, always very funny, pretty energetic.

After that chat, i went back home. My odometer now reads 140.5 miles, it read 130.1 miles when i left. So, i cleared the usual 10 mile distance. Hooray.


One Response to “Today’s Trip”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Dickenson and Frost are good. They are similar in my opinion.

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