Story Time

September 24, 2005

Back when i was 7 or 8, there were a couple of bullies in the neighborhood. They were 12, 12 and 13. Most bullies you deal with between those ages will beat you up, or steal your lunch money. These bullies were 20 times worse than those bullies, and they had every kid in the neighborhood frightened to the point that most of refused to tell our parents about these kids.

But mikey, what did they do? Why were the kids so afraid?

Well, first let me tell you about the areas most of us had to hang out at. There were 2 places – The basketball hoops on the west side of the neighborhood. Most kids hung out there. On the east side of the neighborhood was a swing set, a field people played baseball at, and a tunnel which was made of concrete. The tunnel was about 5 feet in height 4 feet in width, and 6 feet in length.

The bullies would usually hang out on the east side. I would usually avoid that side, but i had some friends who hung out there, and i would always follow them out there.

The tunnel was the bullies’ weapon of choice. It was impossible to move, and with the aid of a large peice of wood, and the body of a fatter one, they could easily trap you inside.

But what happend inside? Well, I’ll tell ya. The bullies would first pick you out of a group. When they picked you out of the group, they would first position themselves to surround you. Then, they would all grab you, and pull you in the direction of the tunnel. Once they got you into the tunnel, one of them would block you in with a block of wood, the fatter one would move in front of the other side of the tunnel, and both members would negotiate to let the third one inside with you.

Once they got the other guy inside with you, he would then tare your shirt off, force you to take your pants off, and then force you out of the tunnel where you would have to run all the way back home in your underwear.

How the kids explained their missing clothes to their parents – i have no idea. They just had to make an excuse. They were just too afraid to admit that these bullies were the actual culprits.

One day, the bullies tried to get me. I was actually hanging out just outside the playground area, but eventually these three came wandering out into that area to get me. When the first two came wandering out into the area, i became alert. After the third one came out, i became extremely alert. As soon as they made their move, i was ready. First, one of them grabbed my arms from behind. That was pretty easy to counter, i just jerked my way out, and turned around to knee the guy in the stomach. After that, the second guy came at me, and i went down. He tried going for my legs, but i just kicked him in the stomach as hard as i could. After that, i jumped up and the first guy tried going for me, i somehow managed to jump over him, and book it all the way home. The last guy ran after me, but after about 500 feet i lost him

I made it back home, and quit hanging out on the other side of the neighborhood. A few month slater, one of those guys came to the other side one day and tried threatening me. I had made friends with some of the older kids, and they stuck up for me when i needed it.

I’m not sure what else happend with those kids. Eventually, their families moved, and peace was brought back to the east side. In later years, houses were built back there, and the basketball hoops on the other side were torn down. Today, there is nothing for kids in the neighborhood. They just have to play in their, and their neighbors’ yards, which is against the rules.

Those were the days.


One Response to “Story Time”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Charles Bukowski wrote Novels and poetry. The guys in the bar would say “You got anymore of that dirty poetry?”

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