September 24, 2005

For the past 5 weeks, i’ve been riding my bike in an effort to stop being obese. I started riding 20 minutes per day, then i upped it to 40 minutes per day, now i ride for 10 miles per day. At 10 miles per day, that gives me 70 miles per week. A week ago, i decided i would shoot for 100 miles per week. This would require i ride 15 miles for 5 days per week, and 10 on the weekends.

On monday, i forgot what my total ride was. I’m pretty sure i only made 10 miles. So, i dealt with it, and decided i would extend my 15 miles per day from tuesday until saturday.

On tuesday, i ended up getting very lost, and ended up riding from my house in oxford, MI, all the way out to Romeo, MI. That’s a 3 town trip. When i finally reached my ‘turnaround point (not really turning around), i had rode for 12 miles. Then i rode around romeo completely lost for a while, until finding out where i was. which was leonard, MI – 2 towns from home. After that, i rode through the woods on a dirt road in the middle of hte night, without the slightest idea where i was. Eventually i made it home, and my total trip was 26 miles. That gave me the idea that i could not ride 15 miles per day for a week, and only do the usual 10 miles per day for a while.

Wednesday, i rode 10 miles. It was a pretty uneventful day.

Thursday, it was raining all day. I did ride up town to cash a check at bankone. Aparently the guy who wrote the check is a deadbeat, and the check bounced. On the ride up there, my bike got covered in mud, extremely thick mud. I had 5 inches of mud coating my tires. I could hardly ride back home, but i did make it. This was a very rainy day, and it started storming around the time when i usually leave. So, i could only do 5 miles this day.

Today, i got 10 miles. It was very cold outside, and traffic around oxford was very busy because of the homecoming game. I almost got hit a couple times, but i faired alright. I had aimed to get 15 miles to make up for thursday, but things were just hard to ride in.

I doubt i’ll be able to make 100 miles this week. I’m probably just going to aim for 80. If it were the summer, and warmer outside, i would definantely be able to make it.

I’m considering making a trip out to my grandmother’s house in orion tomorrow to say hello. Orion is 1 town over, and her house is on the outskirts of orion. I did ride out there once, and it took me about 2 hours round trip. That’d be good excercise. I’ll have to check the forecast before making a decision.

Have a nice day.


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  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Kalfka and Dovskoyevski
    There’s The Trial, Metamorphasis
    There’s my favorite which is House of the Dead.
    House of the Dead was written by Dovskoyevski.

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