oh yeah…

September 23, 2005

Last night around 2:00am, i was disconnected. When i reconnected, regardless of where i went, i was redirected back to an MSN billing info page.

I was pretty confused, but i recognized i wouldn’t be able to do anything to fix the problem, so i just wandered to the recliner to watch tv.

Skip a day, and we tried to fix up the account with their online tools. The problem was simple – the old card had expired last month, and they issued a new one. However, there was no difference in account numbers, only expiration date. But when we tried to update the expiration date it only told us that we should check the item with the warning symbol next to it, only problem – not a single warning symbol was next to any input field.

So, we called them up, and got stuck on the phone with some bitchy american lady. After 10 minutes she started to get pissed off, and tried blaming the problem on us. Asking us if we had enough money in the account, and so forth. We knew we had enough money in the account, but we decided to call the bank anyway.

Skip ahead 10 minutes, we get confirmation from the bank that everything is okay.

So, we call MSN back and get stuck on the line with a few indian people. None of them knew what the problem was, and they were generally irritating. So, we told them that we would just take our money elsewhere.

After that, we discussed what should be done, and we decided we would just order the SBC DSL online. The problem there was we had no internet connection to order with. After some quick thinking, i remembered there was a local ISP called dreamnet which sold dialup dirt cheap, and we could use a temporary connection with them to purchase dsl from sbc.

So, i called them up, and unfortunantly their owner was out on the road, and away from the computer. He told me he would setup my account later that night around 10:30pm, when he got home. So, i waited it out, and eventually it was setup.

Now i’m connected with cogent. It’s an okay connection, just kinda slow. We’ll order dsl tomorrow.

Earlier in the day, i jumped on the bike and rode up to town to try and cash the check i recieved from matt. The ride was sucky, because it was really wet outside, and all area surrounding road was muddy. Somehow, i made it through the area, but about 500 feet from the bank, i had to get off the road, and walk through some uber-muddy construction land. When i got out, my tires were caked with mud, to the point that they couldn’t even move without hand removing some mud from above the tires.

After i made it across the street, i got into the bank. I wasn’t too muddy, just a little. The accountant asked for 2 forms of ID, i only had one. She sent me over to another accountant, and that guy was totally cool. So, he took the check, and looked up the account info, and it returned an insufficient funds error. He told me that, and i just cursed to myself, and left.

The rest of the day.. It was storming all day, so i could only get 5 miles in. Yesturday, i got 9 miles. I know, i’m slacking. I’ll get some more work in later this week, hopefuly weather will be nice tomorrow.

I got myself a wordpress.com invite. You can see it by looking at mikey.wordpress.com .

That’s all for today, laterios.


2 Responses to “oh yeah…”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Ginsberg / Poetry.

  2. Krista Antonini Says:

    Sci-Fi 60’s Philip K. Dick

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