today’s bad idea.

September 21, 2005

Today i left at 6:00pm and i took my camera with me. I put my camera in my camera bag, and then put the camera bag into my back pack. From there, i filled up my water bottle, put it on the counter, went over here to get my computer, and headed outside with the computer in my hand.

After that, i came back inside and put my back pack on, and headed out. Unfortunantly, it wasn’t until i was on hosner road that i realized i forgot my water bottle. It was too late in the trip to head back, so i decided i would just go on without water.

Well, i ventured on for a while, and when i reached lake george road, i decided i would continue past the gate. So, i continued past the gate, and another gate, and another gate, and eventually i came across the area where limestone is being paved in, and there’s a bunch of construction equipment sitting around.

While out there, i stopped to take a photo of the area. A couple of bikers passed me, and said hello.

After getting the photos, i continued down the trail. Some of it was messy (downed tree branches, mud, etc.), but other than that it was fine.

Eventually i came up a hill on the trail, and i was on a section of brand new paved road that i had never seen before. I thought it would be neat to look around, so i got on the road, and started traveling down it. While riding down the road, i saw a few newspaper boxes for romeo’s local paper – The Romeo Observer.

At this point, i was too far out there to head back to the trail. So, i continued down that road. While riding around, i found that i was on rochester road. I remembered that this road can lead me back to oxford if i ride for a very long time. So, i continued down it with intentions to take it all the way back to oxford.

Eventually i got on the phone and called home. The mom was pissed off that i was lost. I told her i’d call back when i had an idae where i was.

Eventually i came up to a sign that said “welcome to leonard”, and i thought “ohh fuck, what am i doing here?”. So, i continued down the road, and turned in what i believed was the direction of oxford, which took me onto this dirt road.

At that point, it was pitch black dark. I had no idea where i was, but i still believed i was on the trail to oxford, so i continued down this fairly scary road for a while, and eventually i turned onto another dirt road, which took me to another dirt road, and eventually i found something i could recognize – kingsbury school. I hadn’t ever gone there, but i knew somebody who did, and i had previously passed that place on another one of my bike rides. I took my phone out of my pocket there, but i had no coverage out there.

So, i rode for about 20 minutes and eventually i was in the coverage area. So, i called home and mom said the dad went out searching for me, and he was going to be very pissed off when he found me. I agreed, and continued.

Skip 30 more minutes, and i was nearing the new high school. Out there, i got a call and they asked me where i was. I told them that i was about 15 minutes from the school, and they said okay.

So, i continued out down a few roads, and eventually i reached the big highschool-side hill, and went down that, and road the lakeville road bike path back home. When i got home, it was 9:30pm.

Here’s a few photos from the trip:

My odometer time meter got reset. I think it does that automatically after 10 hours.

Odometer: 102.0 miles
Max Speed: 29.5mph
Time: 0 hours, 15 minutes
Actual time: 10 hours, 15 minutes


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  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    William S. Burrows (these are Beat writers)

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