September 19, 2005

So last night i fell asleep at 10:00pm. Then today i woke up at 4:45pm.

I regret not waking up earlier. It was a very nice day, and i could have gone out to photograph the trail. Ohh well, there go those plans. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. boohoo.

Today’s bike trip was okay. I rode from my house, to the small enterance at oxford lakes, out the enterance on the opposite side, down glaspe, cut through there to m24, went all the way down through town, then i rode back down glaspe, and down to drahner where i rode through the wilderness, made a call to test my phone reception, went all the way down until i reached hosner, and from there i rode for a very long time until reaching m24, at which time i skipped over onto the pollyann trail, and took that route back home.

drahner is a very hilly road. My phone picks up very well in the middle of the woods.

Not sure what my time and odometer totals were, here’s todays:

Odometer: 67.5 miles
Max Speed: 29.5mph
Time: 6 hours, 37 minutes

Also, i finally got my check from matt. Will be going up to bank 1 tomorrow to get it cashed, since he butchered my name, and the check number is real low.


One Response to “hawooh”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    My lack of a house / studio is one of my biggest gripes.

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