and then there’s the next day

September 13, 2005

today was a good day.

My bike computer arrived in the mail. Me and the dad did a bunch of work on the bike. Work included installing the computer, and replacing my frontend handlebars with a much more light handle bar.

The original plan was to head out to addison oaks around 4PM. But, once we found out my clock came in the mail, we figured we would go fix up my computer. Once all that work was finished, we headed out to addison oaks. Unfortunantly, it was about 7:25pm, and the park closes at sundown – 8:00PM.

Well, we made it out there, i did some riding on the trail, and took some photos of the place for dad to post on the MMBA’s forum.

The trails were good. there are some very steep hills in that area. I’d like to go out there and cheat death by riding down.

We made it out of the trail around 8:15PM. It was 15 minutes past sundown.

On tomorrow’s schedule is a trip throughout the pollyann trail. I got in contact with the trail manager /website maintainer and he told me he was looking to get some photos of the area posted on the website, and he would post my photos on their website with full credit if i did so. So, i’m gonna head out there with my camera, and hopefully i won’t destroy it.

I figure i’ll start including my bike computer reading with each post i make.

Odometer: 5.7 miles
Total Time: 40 minutes


One Response to “and then there’s the next day”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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