today’s trip

September 11, 2005

Around 4:30pm the dad came home, and jumped in the shower. A half hour later he came out, and said that we have to go to his mom’s (my nana (grandma)) house to celebrate her birthday. I wasn’t prepared to head out to her house at the time, so i declined, and promised i would call her that night, or take a bike ride out to her house later that week. Needless to say, he was pretty pissed off when i left.

So, 10 minutes after they left, i was sitting here feelin’ kind of guilty. So, i decided i would take a quick shower, and take a bike ride out there.

Thirty minutes later, i was out of the shower, and ready to take a good long bike ride out to her house in orion. So, i filled up a bottle of water, got dressed, and jumped on the bike.

I was looking to make the shortest route possible. So, i traveled down lakeville road halfway, cut through oxford lakes, speed around the outside perimiter of oxford lakes, and took a fairly long ride all the way down m24 until i was near the middle of orion, and only a short while from the grandmother’s house.

Early in the m24 trip, the parents honked at me. I figured they had outlived their visit at the grandmother’s house, or i had really been riding longer than i had imagined. Anyway, the trip down the road nana lives on lasted about 15 minutes. It was very hilly, but at least there was a bike path on that route.

The grandmother and i had a short chat. I wished her a happy birthday. She asked me to look at her broken phone. I had no idea what was wrong with it, I recommended she get a new one. She also told me about how she didn’t get to see the dad at all that day, but she did get the gift he installed at her house while she was gone. It turns out she wasn’t home when the parents came by, but only came home about 5 minutes after the parents left. That’s a shame. The total trip time was about 55 minutes.

While at her house, i made a phone call, and the dad recommended i take the pollyann trail back home, and gave me some directions that would lead me back to the pollyann trail.

Well, after that i left. I should have refilled my water bottle, but i had to get out of there because the sun was gonna go down soon, and i feared the pollyann trail trip taking longer than my trip there.

So, i rode up pollyann trial, and turned down heights road, an rode down indianwood road, and looked around the area for the pollyann trail, but i didn’t find anything. So, i decided i would just take m24 back home. Unfortunantly, the trip down indianwood and heights road to a lot longer than it would have taken me to just ride the same way i came. Also, during that ride, i ran out of water. So, the ride was pretty stressful.

After getting to m24, i speed very hard, and tried my best to stay off the paved side of the road, and only in the dirt. The road was very busy at the time, and i didn’t want to scare any drivers, or die.

After making it down m24, i made a stop at the store and picked up a bottle of poweraid. They were on sale for $0.99/each. I picked up one, poured a bunch of it in my bottle, and drank the rest out of the bottle. After that, i rode back down the same roads from which i came, and made it back home shortly after the sun went down.

For dinner, i had a italian sub from quiznos. The family was happy to know i made it all the way out there.

On tomorrow’s schedule is a trip out to addison oaks to take photos for the dad. I suppose i’ll have to ride that trail. I don’t like that trail because it’s the home of some breed of poisonous snake.

have a nice day, people.


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  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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