don’t turn your back on me

September 7, 2005

hey yous,

today was an okay day. We had BLT’s for dinner.

I had to do work on a server, and was late getting out on the bike. I ended up having to go for the 40 minute route because it was getting dark when i was heading out.

I ordered a cateye enduro 8 computer for my bike. It costs $35, i look forward to recieving it.

I got my refund from newegg, and i decided against getting an mp3 player. I figure because i’m riding roads more often, it’s a pretty big hazard to have headphones over your ears when on the roads.

Mom has to go vote for a second time (same issue) tomorrow. Me and the dad called the grandmother and asked for her to pick up some pizza for us when she makes her weekly trip out to the uncle’s pizza shop. I’m gonna go on a very long ride tomorrow to make up for all the calories which will be consumed with the pizza.

Didnt’ check the mail today, will check tomorrow. Hopefully the check will be here soon.

That’s all for now, lateriosen.


One Response to “don’t turn your back on me”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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