it’s easier to remember things before they happen, right before they happen.

September 6, 2005


i am feelin’ very low right now.

I uhh..

went to bed at like 5:30am

then woke up at the incredibly late hour of 6:30PM.

Then i went out to bike at 7:10PM, and as i was walking out the door, i dropped the shed key.

After crawling around the grass for 10 minutes, i gave up on searching.

So, i went back inside and got another key, and went out on the bike.

So, i did the same thing as yesturday. nothing notable happend for the first half of the trip. I had the pleasure of riding down the main road on the largest hill in oxford. About 75% of the way down, i saw a car heading down from the top of the hill. and, at that moment i saw another car coming from the opposite direction. So, i peddled as fast as i could in order to get off the road, and to the pollyann trail which was about 500 feet away. I managed to peddle myself out of that situation, and thankfully wasn’t plowed down by anybody.

About 30 seconds from home, i was crossing the first enterance at the trailor park, and this dark blue pickup truck came flying out of nowhere. The guy slammed on his breaks about 5 feet from me, and then swerved around me, and continued speeding away. I yelled out “you fucking nut!” as loud as i could, and made it back home. I regret not following him and getting his license plate number.

That’s all in biking news.

No word from newegg yet. The mail will be checked tomorrow to see if the check from matt is here yet. I’ll probably get a reply back from newegg tomorrow.

That’s all for now, Have a nice day.


One Response to “it’s easier to remember things before they happen, right before they happen.”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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