pickin’ up a new route

September 4, 2005

Today, i decided i would venture off onto some previously unseen territory on my daily bike ride. So, about halfway through my usual ride, i decided i would not continue down the pollyann trail, but instead ride down the dirt road and see where it would lead me.

So, i went down some dirt roads, and through a the oxford farming district, and down some hills which were very steep, and very curvey, and then through a swampy area, and then through normal civilization until i once again reached oxford road, which was right by the new high school.

At the high school, i rode around, and at one point was surrounded by geese. Thankfully, the geese didn’t attack, and let me leave after a short conversation.

Then i rode down the biggest hill in oxford at a very high rate of speed, and i went through town all the way to the party store where i got a monster energy drink.I drank that in 5 minutes while standing outside the party store. It was an alright drink.

After that, i zoomed back to the pollyann trail, and all the way down lakeville road to get home. The total ride time was 60 minutes, i’m happy i’m getting better at this excercise thing. I’m considering riding across two towns to visit some family who ventured out here from georgia for the weekend. We’ll see what happens with that motivation.



One Response to “pickin’ up a new route”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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