my brain is burning, and i want it all.

September 2, 2005

hey people,

Today was an okay day. I got to have a bunch of spagetti for lunch, and i got some salad and fish for dinner. The fish was very good, as was the salad. The salad featured lettuce, mushrooms, and a light ranch dressing. The fish was unbreaded, and in fillet form. I love fish.

At 7:00PM my right knee started hurting. I ignored it, and decided to venture on to the daily ride. About a quarter of the way on the usual ride, my knee started hurting again, but i still went on, trying to ignore it.

When i reached lake george road (my usual turnaround point), i was looking around, and i couldn’t help to wonder what lied beyond that point. So, i turned left, and began riding further down lake george road. After about 20 minutes of riding, i reached the end, and had the choice to head either west, or east. I decided i would head west, because it was the direction that would lead me back into oxford.

So, i rode down some dirt roads, there were many hills. One of the most unnerving parts of the trip was riding down a very bumpy hill, at a very high rate of speed. Something that made it even more scary was that there was another hill right at the end of the hill i was traveling down, and it was so big i couldn’t see the top of it over the trees that were on the road.

Well, i made it. Eventually, my knee pain caught back up with me, and i had to take a small break to just walk the road.

After a while of riding those roads, i realized i was lost. I decided i would just continue down the road until i could find a place i recognized. Then, i found a sign that said i was on oxford road. I had no prior knowledge of an oxford road, but i decided i would continue down it in hopes that it would somehow lead me back to lakeville road.

After oxford road ended, i came to Ray Road. I had previously heard of ray road, and i still wasn’t sure where i was. At the end of ray road, i ran into noble road, which somehow lead me back to oxford road, and then i was magically at the new high school, which was actually only a short distance from the end of lakeville road.

It was when i found the high school that it started getting dark. I knew it had to be late, and the parents were probably worried. So, i speed down the largest hill in oxford at a very high rate of speed, then sprinted back down the pollyann trail to get home. When i got home, the dad had just left 10 minutes earlier to go searching for me. The mom recommended i get a cell phone, and i agreed.

I’m looking at a Nokia 6010 phone, with the t-mobile pay as you go service. Matt is supposed to send out my check tomorrow, and I’m going to ride out to orion next week to cash the check at my bank, and buy the phone. I’m probably going to call wallgreens tomorrow to see if they have the phone in stock. I also have some pre-signup questiosn.

Speaking of pre-signup questions, i called up powerhouse gym a few days ago. They told me about the insane subscription prices they have to offer. Here’s what i wrote down:

$89 – 1 month
$200 – 3 months
single day – $15
if you know someone who has a membership – $10/day

It’s fucking nuts. My buddy got his golds gym membership for only $30/month. The plans this gym has are insanely overpriced. I guess i’m going to have to get the hand of the rollers, and start using them on rainy days until mr. winter comes, when i’ll have to use it every day.

I’m gonna miss days like this. Hopefully the maintainers of the pollyann trail will do a little maintenance on the trail to keep it ridable during the winter.


One Response to “my brain is burning, and i want it all.”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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