August 27, 2005

my eyesight is fucked up. It used to be somewhat good, but for the past few years it’s depreciated a great deal. It’s hard to see things that are far away, and sometimes things that are close up. I once saw a doctor on ABC’s 20/20 say that being in front of a computer for a long time will not harm your eyesight. That guy’s a liar. I’m living god damn proof that he wasn’t right when he said that.

The other day, i was riding down a trail, and i saw a red blur about 400 feet in front of me. I continued assuming it was just some cedar or something like that. As i got closer, i still couldn’t tell what it was. Then, this huge blur just moved from the trail, into the woods.

I don’t know what i was looking at. It was too big to be a deer, and there aren’t any bears in oxford. Perhaps it was just a larger-than-average deer.. i’ll never know.

Speaking of deer, I saw a pack of 6 running across the trail a few days ago. It was pretty cool to see all of them out there.

I’ve been prepping this dedicated server for the past few days. I’m probably gonna move over there in the next couple days. You can demo it here – . Let me know how fast it loads for you. It’s not gonna be up to date, i just copied the database over, and installed wordpress.

Well, i’m gonna go out for a bike ride now. I hope to see the 40 year old virgin tonight, I’ll catch all of you later.


One Response to “things”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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