August 23, 2005

Hey people,

Today I went out on the bike for the usual aunts-and-back trip. I was feeling pretty tired when i left, and it was also pretty chilly outside. But, i forced myself to go the full route, and i’m proud of myself for that.

The first quarter of the trip was pretty effortless. There were the usual bunnies hopping around, and out of the way whenever i approached, i did stop a few times to see the (restricted) trail enterances. I’m considering a tresspassing trip out there, the fields look really nice.

Second quarter of the trip was also pretty nice. I stopped halfway to try and break apart a branch that has been causing me to almost fall down since i started riding the pollyann trail. I did break apart a little bit, but the thign is just too big to move. I think i might bring a saw out there tomorrow, so i can move it at least partially out of the way. The trail has improved since it was rained out earlier this week. While riding through this section of trail, i spotted some restricted trails, which I am also considering tresspassing through.

At the end of the first half, i stopped for a 3 minute break like i usually do. While standing out there, i heard some people screaming in a playful manner. It could have been a murder, i don’t know. I guess i’ll start checking the news hidelines tomorrow morning.

Third quarter was just as fine. No major slowdowns, i did notice that the chain-skipping problem has started to happen on the 2nd from the bottom gear, so i shifted up, and the problem seemed to stop.

On the fourth quarter, the dad came riding towards me. He recommended i shift into the 2nd gear on the big ring, and put it into the 3rd gear on the little ring. I did that, and i’m getting alot more speed because of it.

Ending time was about 36 minutes. I’m satisifed with that. This time is about 4 minutes when i started riding the pollyann trail.

I’m thinking about taking the trail in an alternate direction which would lead me towards an area of oakland county which i rarely ride to. I’ll probably start doing that on monday.

Fall is approaching, and with fall comes even chillier weather, rain, and even snow. For fall, i’m gonna have to get a new jacket.

After fall, winter is here. Winter is going to suck hard. I’m gonna have to either prep my bike for riding through ice/snow (put screws through tires, that way my tires aren’t directly on ice the whole time), start doing daily rides on the dad’s rollers, or get a membership with the local gym. Part of my whole motivation for excercising now is the opportunity to go out traveling, and get away from home. If i’m stuck in home every day, i’m gonn alose motivation quick. The nearest gym is like 3 miles away. Walking there daily would suck alot. But, they do have weights, and all sorts of other equipment that could make this weight loss thing alot more efficient. Riding the bike through the snow.. Wow, that would suck alot. I’m not sure what kind of trail work the pollyann trail people are going to be doing through the winter months, but riding through that much snow will suck alot.

I’ve heard people say that during the winter months, people tend to gain lots of weight. I’m very afraid of this. I’m gonna have to come up with plans for when riding isn’t an option. Perhaps i could change up my schedule, start going to the gym for 80 minutes per day, and skip one day each time.

Aye, i worry too much.


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  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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