It’s The Generator

August 23, 2005

Since i woke up, the generator that powers our water pumping system has been on. We’ve lived right next to the water pumping system forever, but the only recently installed a generator for use when power failures happen.

Well, the generator that powers the water pump is powered by gas, and it is very very loud. Pretty much everyone in a 600 foot radius is going to be able to hear the thing loud and clear. In addition to the noise inconvience, this thing is continually burning gas, and it’s causing the area around the pump house to start smelling kinda bad.

This thing’s been on since the mid-morning hours, and it hasn’t shut off since. As i speak, the thing is still on. Crews from DTE Energy, and the park’s private contractors have come out, but to no avail.

It really sucks. Very few people are going to get a good amount of sleep because of this. I’m probably going to have to bring my headphones into the room just so i’ll be able to hear the radio over the generator.

But, it’s a requirement to have water. I’d rather deal with this thing, than have no power. At least it’s somewhat silenced when all doors and windows are closed. It sucks living right next to the thing though.

That’s all.


One Response to “It’s The Generator”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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