todays dealings

August 19, 2005


today was an okay day. I ended up not sleeping the night before because i knew i had to do a whole bunch of laundry. I had been putting off doing laundry for a few weeks prior to that, and i knew i had to get it done, so i just stayed up all night, so i could do the laundry in a timely manner.

After getting up from bed, i decided i could use a shower. so, i took a shower. After that, i fixed up a salad for breakfast, and then got the laundry started.

After getting the laundry started, i went to bed, and set my alarm for 12:45PM. I then woke up at 12:45, and decided i could use some more rest, so i reset my alarm to wake me up at 2:00PM.

2:00PM rolled around. So, i got up out of bed, and got my clothes out of the washer, and stuck it in the dryer. After an hour or so in the dryer, the clothes were mostly dry. So, i took them all out, and folded / hung up all the clothes. A few of my shirts were still wet. So, i put those back in the dryer, and let them go for an unnecessary 2nd cycle.

After that, i don’t remember what really happend.

Then the parents came home. The dad looked at my bike, and changed my freewheel. He said the bike seemed to work fine for him when he rode it around. I said great, and didn’t bother to try it out. Later that evening, we decided on going out to chinese buffet. I reluctantly accepted the invitation.

At the buffet, some crab, unfried egg rolls, assorted chickeny food, and a plate of seafood stirfry was had. The stirfry was the best part of the meal.

Then we got home, and i slacked around for an hour. Then i remembered that i needed to go out on the bike. So, i got on the bike, and road for about a minute until the same problem started happening. So, i just took the bike back home, and sat it down. Later on, the dad came home, and let me know that i needed to shift into higher gears more often, to make the sticking stop.

A few hours later, i decided i would skip out on the polly ann trail because it was already dark, and do the old trip from my house, through oxford lakes, and back. I could have done 2 laps to match the allotted time of a pollyann trip, but i was way too tired, and way too weary of slipping on the wet pavement.

Tomorrow’s plan is to ride out past the aunt’s house, to fill a 1 hour time frame. I may take my camera, depending on A) Weather for the day, can’t get caught out in the rain with a camera, that would result in a broken camera and B) If i believe all the bumps on the trail will break my camera.

So.. we’ll see how it works out. I should be damn tired by this time tomorrow though.


One Response to “todays dealings”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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