August 18, 2005

Today, i went out on the bike again. This ride was more rough because my (crank/wheel/chain) is still screwed up.

On today’s trip, i went back down the pollyann trail again. It seems either my chain or crank has screwed up, and this is resulting in A) The bike being out of gear, and being harder to pedel and B) the whole operation randomly skipping, thus throwing my peddels all out of wack, and usually making me loudly curse out of frustration.

I had originally planned to ride the pollyann trail from my house back down to my aunt’s house, and back down the same trail. I went along with this plan for the first half of the trip. But, instead of turning around right at lake george road, i decided to take the trail to an area right in front of the lake that’s on my aunt’s property. I stood there for a few minutes and looked over the property. Nobody was home, because each of the family members are busy doing their own thing. I think i might have heard somebody yell, but i couldn’t tell if it was anybody i knew.

On the trip back, things were more rough than usual. The fucked up chain shifted into a gear that is even harder to ride than normal. On top of that, i was kind of spooked out because it was getting dark, and i have always feared the woods at night since i saw the first blair witch projet. While riding the trail, i saw the clouds in the sky get darker, and i could tell it was fixing to start raining. So, i started peddeling as fast as i could in an effort to get home before it started raining.

When i reached the end of that section of trail, i decided i would take the road home. It was while i was riding on the side of the road that my bike screwed up, and sent my feet flying, and at that exact moment, a car went flying right by me, coming only a few feet from hitting me. So, i decided i would walk my bike for a while, until i could be sure that i wouldn’t encounter many cars. After walking for about 4 minutes, i got back on my bike, and started peddeling as fast as i could. It was about 3 minutes from my house when it started raining. As it started raining, i saw the dad sprinting ahead of me on the road, while i was only on the bike path.

So, i got home. When i got home, it started raining even harder, and i was thankful that it had held off until i got home. After the dad came inside, i told him about my bike. He suspects the problem is my wheel, and he’s probably going to look into it tomorrow. I will probably start taking his bike out if my bike isn’t repaired with a new wheel.

Total trip time was about 40 minutes. It was a decent trip, i think yesturday’s was better.


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  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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