riding the bike.

August 17, 2005

I’ve been doing this biking thing since i said i would start doing it every day. Tonight, i decided to take a different route, and used my mountain bike on the terrain it was meant to be used on.

Instead of exiting out of the neighborhood and traveling west, i decided to head in the east direction, which would let me get on The PollyAnn Trail . This trail has been under development for the past few years, and it finally getting to be a good place to ride. However, the first half of the trail i rode was in pretty bad condition with things like sand, and large rocks often screwing up the ride. I hope the trail coordinators will clean up that area of the trail soon.

After getting through the bad parts of the trail, i finally got onto an area of the trail that could be rode. While riding this part of the trail, i learned that you can get alot better speed on a mountain bike if you are actually on a non-paved peice of land. Or, at least it seemed that way as i stormed through the trail with virtually no exhaustion, or urge to slow down. Near the end of the first peice of trail, i actually passed by the dad who was on his way home. He was pretty happy to see me out on the trail, but we didn’t stop to chat.

At the end of the first peice of trail, i was confronted with 3 different ways to travel. I could continue down the polly ann trail, which would take me to what i believed would be lakeville road; i could travel down the dirt road to what i knew would take me to lakeville road; or i could travel down some single track trail which was filled with rocks. I decided to continue down the polly ann trail.

That area of the trail was a real treat. All smooth terrain, very few obstacles, really beautiful scenery. There were a few fallen branches on the trail, but none of them were hard to see from 300 feet away. When i was riding the trail, it was slightly dark due to 1) The sun going down, and 2) Very tall trees shading the trail, but, it was all totally visible, and it was a pretty great experience.

After riding down this trail for about 10 minutes, i was wondering when the hell i would get back to lakeville road. As i reached the end of the trail, i realized i was lost. As i stood there at the end of the trail, i looked around and the whole area looked very familiar. Then, it hit me. I was standing right in front of the property my cousins live on. Our family has broken apart since my uncle died. His name was wayne bailey, and he was a top fuel dragster racer. A few years ago, he died in an accident doing that. Shortly after he died, the family got in a big argument with the step-mother (original mother died when the cousins were young) started selling a bunch of the property of the family / wayne, and slowly worked in on the inheritance of the three girls. As this happend, our family slowly broke apart because of the step mother (her name is tab). I could have stopped by the house, but i didn’t really feel like making an unexpected visit after not talking to them for about 2 years.

So, i rode down lake george road, and while riding up some very large hills, my bike started screwing up. I’m no bike mechanic, and it’s hard to describe the problem. But, while pedeling, the pedels would get stuck, and after applying a great amount of pressure, the rotation would snap, and it would result in me losing control of the bike, and ultimately having to get off the bike. So, after this happend, i started walking the bike up those large hills, and after passing through all these hills, i got back on the bike, and headed down lakeville road back home.

The ride down lakeville road was a dangerous one. There was very little distance between the side of the road, and the actual road. One guy came like 2 feet from hitting me. But, i survived the trip down lakeville road.

After getting home, i looked at the clock and it had been 40 minutes since i left. So, it looks like my excercise time was increased. I think i might take the same trip next time, but if i do – i’ll definantely take the definitive route to lakeville road next time.


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  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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