August 15, 2005

hello people.

Yesturday, i didn’t get to go out on my bike because it was raining all day. So, today i took 2 rides. One around 8:30PM, the other i just got back from, from which i left home around 2:15AM.

On 8:30’s ride, i was more tired than usual. I guess i get more week when i go one day without riding. The ride itself was okay, there was a decent amount of traffic around the subdivision.

On 2:15’s ride, it was fairly cold out. I went out wearing my white WHT shirt, and a pair of pants. Neither ride was too hot, and i believe these are the perfect clothes to work out in. During this ride, i saw a couple cops hanging out in the parking lot of the elementry school. I gave them a wave, they gave me a weird look.

For dinner, i had a burger called “the mamamia burger” from ruby tuesday’s. The idea is pretty great, and i haven’t had anything like it. The burger features a very thick cut of beef, a thick spread of tomato (similar to spagetti) sauce, either mozarella or swiss cheese, and lettuce. It was very yummy.

I watched the roast of pam anderson tonight, and learned a few things – 1) Rock stars don’t mix well with Comedians 2) Courtney Love is an embarassment to human kind and 3) Tommy Lee can not deliver a joke. The whole thing was a bad idea. There are more roast-worthy people out there. Colin Quinn for one. He’s been in comedy for years, and is really worthy of being roasted. The whole roast was just the same few jokes over and over again. It wasn’t really a pam-specific roast. The same few jokes were thrown at tommy, courtney love, pam, and andy dick.

There were a few funny comedians. But, most of the roast was overshadowed by that waste of oxygen retard – courtney love. Some excellent jokes were cracked by jimmy kimmel, jeffrey ross, greg geraldo, and nick dipalo. But, it was mostly ruined by pam’s crew of unfunny, burnout, special-educationesc flunkies.

That’s about it for tonight. See you later.


One Response to “Alright.”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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