August 12, 2005


tonight i was sad.

was sad due to family troubles.

we were all mad at eachother.

so, i went out drinking

i went to the local bar that’s called “rob’s place”

while there i met a girl i knew back at high school. her name is sarah. she was hot.

while drinking, she learned down in front of mine for a good 2 minutes. these 2 minutes were great.

during these two minutes she learned down in front of mine to arrange some glasses. for this time, i could see right down her dress. it was very hot.

her boobs.. prolly a C cup.. very hot.

i drank the following

2 white russians
1 jack and coke
3 shots of vodka
1 glass of scotch

after drinking, i got to ride my bike home. riding a bike home is hard. i road off the path way once, and almost rode off the path three other times.

After getting home, dad couldn’t tell i was drunk. Well, i don’t think so. we’lll see the results tomorow.

then uhh.. that’s about it.



One Response to “drukn”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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