August 9, 2005

that was a pretty weird day.

I hadn’t slept the night before, because i knew i’d have to be up to catch the UPS man.

So, i stayed up all night, and waited patiently for the UPS man throughout the morning hours.

Around 11:00PM, he showed up with the stuff i had ordered. What was ordered you ask? Why, a new pair of $120 Technics headphones, and a $230 Pioneer DVD-Recorder/VCR combo.

After signing his little electronic thing, i gave the headphones a try, and they sound waaaaaaaay better than the POS aiwa hp-x223’s i had previously owned.

After that, i broke open the DVD/VCR box, and installed it. Installation was a bit of a pain, bedcause the device wouldn’t fit into our entertainment center. I ended up having to remove the two glass doors on the front, install it, and then reattach the glass doors on the front.

So far, it works just fine. I haven’t tried recording anything on it, but the DVD and VCR functions of it are just fine.

Hours later, the parents showed up, and i showed them their aniversary gift. They liked it.

A few hours later, they went out for dinner at red knapps. They brought be back a hamburger. The hamburger was good.

A few hours later, i realized i’d have to ride my bike. Why? Because i’m riding it daily now. This was my uh.. 5th or 6th day of doing this. I decided i would go out early (6:00PM as opposed to 10/11/12). So, i went out there, and rode my bike. It kinda sucked. There were a bunch fo people outside, and i prefer excercising alone. In addition to that, traffic was pretty heavy in the subdivision i always ride through, and it was more hot than usual out there.

The ride was alot worse than usual because i was so tired. Sunday’s ride only took me about 25 minutes, last night’s took me 35 minutes. After getting home, i felt very dizzy. I think it was due to the heat, because i had gone out wearing a pair of pants, and a long sleave button down shirt.

While riding home, i looked into the yard where that dog had previously come out of, and i saw what appeared to be the same dog that had previously chased me. This dog was still leashless, however, it was lying down sleeping, so i didn’t get chased.

After arriving home, i stayed awake for a few more hours, and eventually passed out around 9:00PM.

This afternoon, i woke up around 1:30. The TV was still on from last night.

That’s all for now, laterios.


One Response to “yesturday.”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll -aprox. 70 on INT scale

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