God, I hate rednecks.

August 6, 2005

Tonight, i went on my usual bike ride. I went out at 10:00PM instead of 11 or 12 tonight, because i had stuff that needed to be done later in the evening.

The bike ride was more pleasurable in the beginning, and middle parts than usual, but about 50 seconds from my house, the most terrifying moments of the past year took place.

I going pretty slow because these were the last moments of the ride when this black pitbull came running out of one of my neighbor’s yards. The dog just came out of nowhere. As soon as i saw the dog, I heard it’s owner yell something along the lines of “stop, <dog ‘s name>!”. I then started peddeling as fast as i could, all the while screaming “get your fucking dog!” as loud as i could. The whole time, this dog was right behind me. No matter how fast i peddeled, the dog was right behind me. As I peddeled, i passed my house, while this vicious vicious animal chased me. I then looked back to see how far back the dog was, and he was about 5 feet away from me. Meanwhile, in the background, this dog’s owner just stood there with his hands at his waist. When i saw him, i just yelled “What the fuck is wrong with you!?”. The dog then came running back to it’s owner. After the dog came running back, i walked back to my house. While i was walking back, i heard some of my neighbors yell “you better take care of your dog” at the owner.

I walked back inside, and the dad was just sitting in his chair. I asked him if he heard what happend, he said yeah.

After calming down, i walked back outside to the house of the owner. The guy was sitting at a deck, and i asked him if his dog was on a leash. He said “no, he won’t bite.”. I told him that i was the guy who was just chased by the dog, and he said “ohh, you donj’t have anything to worry about.”. I then told him how vicous his dog looked, and that alot of things besides him biting me would happend. For example, i mentioned that his dog could have run into my back tire, and knocked me down. This idoit’s reply was “well, what if you ran into my dog and his face got messed up in your wheel?”, i then said “Leashless dogs don’t belong on roads.”, he then said something even more stupid than his previous statement – “Well, are you hurt?”.

No, i wasn’t hurt. I was just scared out of my wits by a dog who’s owner is a complete retard.

As the conversation went on, i mentioned that this place has leash laws. He replied with “well, i don’t live here.”. I asked him where he does live, and he mentioned some place a few counties away.

I’m tempted to call the cops on this hick. This place has fucking leash laws. If someone from nedada comes here and gets caught with a hooker, he’s still charged. Regardless of the god damn rules in other places, wherever you are, you must follow the rules.

6 Responses to “God, I hate rednecks.”

  1. adb22791 Says:

    Yeah I can’t stand them either. I have one who lives down the street from me, only he has like 10 dogs that look scary as hell. And his front yard looks like a dump. You should call the cops on that dude, It would be funny as hell to see him get in a cops face.

  2. mikey Says:

    If it happens again, I’ll call the cops.

  3. What’s with this new theme?

    Change is bad!

  4. mikey Says:

    ya think so? I thought it looked pretty good.

    should i just go back to the “almost spring” theme?

  5. I don’t remember what the other one looked like. :p

    All I know is, I am old and resistant to change.

  6. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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