yooooou are an idiot.

August 3, 2005

Yesturday, i got an idea on how to make css ripping extremely difficult. The method involves defining style elements across several different stylesheets, in an effort to slow the ripping efforts of mr. code theif. As i do with most of my bright and not-so-bright ideas, I restored my irc.webhostingtalk.com #wht window, and began typing the concept. The following an excerpt of what what was said:

Aug 02 17:47:23 <mikeylove> make your css incredibly hard to rip by importing your elements from 50 different css files
Aug 02 17:47:42 <jsjohnst> mikeylove: ripping is illegal
Aug 02 17:48:15 <jsjohnst> assuming your ripping a copyrighted site, which most are
Aug 02 17:49:07 <mikeylove> you doooon’t get it
Aug 02 17:49:16 <mikeylove> i said it as an idea to PREVENT ripping

How can anybody interpret what i said as something illegal? Did he even read the statement in full?

This is just a small taste of something that’s been going on at WHTIRC lately. The channel operators have flown off the deep end, and started enforcing rules that ban discussion of anything even remotely illegal.

About a week ago, a guy out in washington died while trying to have sex with a horse. But, beastiality is legal in washington, so they police aren’t releasing his name to the public. Sure, they’ll release the names of people who die doing anything that is illegal. But, because it’s not illegal in washington, they’re not releasing his name. One night i was listening to the tom leykis show, and they said that they’ve got his name, and they’re going to release it to the public. I mentioned the story, and they threatened me with bannishment that time too.

These people are enforcing complete bullshit rules. I wasn’t encouraging beastiality when i made that statement. Hell, if anything i was condeming it. But, because these fucking tightwads are in charge, I was ordered to keep my mouth shut.

These people are fucking maniacs, and they don’t deserve the power they have.


2 Responses to “yooooou are an idiot.”

  1. Although I think you’re whacked, I gotta go along with ya in that things ain’t right in irc land.

  2. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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