July 31, 2005


tonight was fun. It started around 8. I walked up town, and bought a 375ML bottle of El Toro Tequila.

I then walked back home. When i was home, it was about 9:30.

Dad then brought up the idea of going to the endurance race at addison oaks to see what was going on. The race started at 10:00AM, and it ended at 12:00PM . We got there around 10:25PM.

The race is pretty intense. Each lap is 5 miles, and some of the people on the race were on their 26th lap.

It was pretty fun to go out there. The dad and me walked out into the woods, and it was very very dark, and i almost tripped many times.

We left around 11:30, and got back home around 11:50. The dad saw the bottle of tequila i bought, and mentioned it making you want to fight.

About 5 minutes ago, i put down a shot. It’s a fairly involved process; first you sprinkle salt on the back of your hand, and lick some off, then you take the shot, then you shove a lemon wedge into your mouth.

That’s all for tonight.

your halfway drunk leader


2 Responses to “tonight”

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