I hate Dr. Phil

July 26, 2005

Today, i sat down to watch my favorite feminism brainwashee – Dr. Phil. One bit during his show involved a guy who was about to get married, but his wife had a problem with him looking at porn. I was expecting the worse when the bit was previewed. My expectations were right.

The guy was fairly young. He and his wife were about to get married. But, unlike most women – she chose to voice her complaints before they got married. During the bit, Dr. Phil went on his usual sphiel about the women in the relationship being absolutely flawless, and being a “living, thinking, beautiful female”. Just from that statement alone, you can tell that he’s taking her side. Why? because of his audience. There would be riots in the streets of trailer parks in red states across america if he dared to mention her being beautiful prior to intelligent.

After he finished fluffing the egos of cows across america, he went on to berate the man, as well as the pornography industry as a whole. He gave the usual bullshit statement about the porn industry being degrading to women. Hey Phil – If a women makes her own god damn choice as to what she does what her life – how is that degrading? Hell, women are worshipped in porn. Porn is the only industry where (heterosexual) men everywhere can sit down to appreciate the skills of an attractive women. Do you think as we sit eat a hamburger, we think about the business skills of the owner of the ketchup company? Hell no. When we look at porn, we think “wow, that blonde girl giving those three guys a blow job is really attractive!” .

What about that porn that doesn’t even involve women? There is gay porn after all. Is that type of porn degrading to women too, phil?

Why must Dr. Phil berate the porn industry? I’ll tell you why. His audience is made up of fat, ugly, bitchy women who couldn’t ever make it in porn. These are the same women that watch those bullshit celebrity-worshipping entertainment shows. You know what I’m talking about, those shows people like patt o’brien host. That’s also why Patt had to go on the Dr. Phil show. He had to do something to regain ‘respect’ from his two biggest fans – bessy and bertha from montana.

Dr. Phil then went on to lay down the room silencer statement – “Every women in pornography is someone’s daughter.”. That’s big fucking news! You’re telling me that all women in porn were once someone’s daughter? I thought they just decented from the heavens, and started having sex on video! Wow phil! That’s an amazing statistic! What about those women who work in restaurants – were they someone’s daughter too? Oh My god! That’s fucking amazing!

This fucker even went on to say that porn isn’t normal. Are you fucking kidding me? There are more porn watching men in the world than non-porn watching men. If so many people weren’t watching porn today, you wouldn’t see nearly as many women / pussified men protesting it.

The Final Point – Dr. Phil is a god damn pussy who cators to fat women across the country. He is nothing but a self hating, hypocritical, pussy. Get in the fucking real world phil, all men love porn, regardless of what they say in spite of religious beliefs, or their significant others.

I will give phil proper kudo’s though – He recommend the two not get married. That’s the best god damn advice i’ve ever heard on his show.


12 Responses to “I hate Dr. Phil”

  1. Stevo Says:

    I agree, it seems like hes not allowed to say anything that the majority of the crowd wouldent like, who are all “bullshit celebrity-worshipping entertainment showatchers”.

  2. Sharon Says:

    Kudos ! At least one man bold enough to say a truth as it is.. One must understand that Porn wouldn’t have existed if there were no takers for it… and that as long as there are takers for a particular commodity, there will be a supply of that commodity.

    Not only men, but ladies too love porn.. I am a porn lover for instance. Viewing porn is one of the most gratifying experiences at least for the men.. then why should one deny it.

    Studies through out the world have brought out the fact that the number of sexual offences against the women is less in communities where there is a free access to porn, than those where porn access is curtailed.

    The basis of porn is the urge of men to procreate and exist in this world. Men, love porn because, it lets them gratify their natural urge to procreate, through imagination.. which the society does not allow them to do, for the sake of the society at large.

    Thus it, with porn it is the best of the two worlds.. all wins here.. the men through sexual gratification, women from lesser number of sexual assaults and the society, through its better integrated families. The urge to procreate is so powerful because, there lies the reason for the very existance of mankind.. and it is impossible to repress such a divine urge.

  3. rogierius Says:

    Lol, laughed my ass off. Nice piece of flamatory. My girl is watching Dr. Phil right now, and his voice annoys me beyond belief. I stopped counting the times he said: “This is GOT to STOP”…

    Sigh, he’s a weener and he needs to be spanked.

  4. Mark Says:

    You said exactly what I am thinking Mikey. Dr Phil always takes the side of the female because his target-audience are females. But what about the men that are the guests in this show? How idiotic you must be to come to this show as a man?

    I saw a Dr. Phil show a time ago about a married couple. The woman spended all their saving money (which was ALOT) without telling her husband. But! The man was to blame because he didn’t noticed it. He had to communicate better with his wife and CHANGE HIS SELFISH WAYS!!! I mean, that’s just so fucking wrong! I really felt for that guy. He was all silent and shit.

    Dr. Phil sucks…

  5. john Says:

    In my opinion, watching porn is healthy for both men and women. I’m 33 years old and been with the same women for over 12 years and I can tell you right now if my wife had such a problem with me viewing porn, I would stop watching it and more then likely start messing around. I think most of us get a little bored in our relationships after awhile and watching porn in a since allows us to let our inhabitations go in our mind. I would much rather see my wife watch a porn then actually go out and mess around on me. I also believe its each persons own business what they want to watch and nobody has the right to be judgmental in that respect. This is the USA the greatest country in the world, so if we want watch porn then it’s our choice Not Dr. Phil’s or anyone else’s. GOD BLESS THE USA!

  6. fireblade Says:

    My mom had dr. phil on a few days ago and I saw how somehow they managed to get a guy to agree to allow 3 women into his house to make him do house work! That was definately faked! That guy would have called the police!

  7. GeniusG214 Says:

    I think Dr. Phil is a testicle-less woman of a man. All he does is dole out anti-male propaganda.

  8. Brad Smith Says:

    HIL fucking ARIOUS

  9. Silke Says:

    I don’t normally leave comments on blogs I stumble about but this one deserves kudos 😉 Fantastic bit of ramp – I agree wholeheartedly wIth you. I am a girl and I could never get my head around why woman make such a racket when it comes to men and porn. Why are some woman so effin posessive?? I love porn and it turns me on and he gets turned on when I’m turned on and wise versa and that makes > for a great sexlife. So I guess alot of these ladies who feel threatened by porn don’t actually enjoy sex but just “put up” with it for the sake of entrapment of their “vicim”.
    And Dr. Phil makes sure it stays that way!

  10. you the MAN!! Says:

    you the MAN!!
    you showd this punk ass bith that he is a fat ass cunt!!!
    fuck his fat ass
    feminist fucking cock sucker ass faggot MODEFAKA
    from israel

  11. you the MAN!! Says:


  12. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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