my trainwreck of a day

July 21, 2005

last night, i didn’t sleep.

At 2:30 i got the bright idea to walk to the other side of town to visit the beach. I didn’t have any clean shorts, so i decided to wear pants.

i left my house around that time, and walked an alternate route that involved cutting through the local golf course to get to meijer, and then crossing the road to get to the beach.

It’s about a 4 mile walk from my house, to there.

So, i walked out there. On the way there, i had to walk up a very large hill. It was better than the usual walk through town, with cars of people i know honking at me.

At meijer i bought a bottle of propel.

At the beach, i just sat there, and tried to catch a tan.

I think i stayed around there for an hour. When i left, i caught the time, and it was 5:30.

Then, i left and started walking back home. The bottle of propel was long gone, and i made the mistake of not refilling the bottle with water.

So, i walked back home. When cutting back through the golf course, i got yelled at by some random people.

I took another alternate route, and took the poly ann trail back home. It’s a shorter path than the actual bike path that i usually take. While walking on it, i saw a few dead snakes. I think that sped me up.

That whole time, i was soooooo thirsty. I was ready to drink anything. I was right next to the lake that the gravel pit has, but i resisted jumping down into the water.

Around the 1500 feet from house mark, i just lost it. I was dead tired, in extreme pain (feet), and i was just too thirsty to go on. At one point, i even let out a dry heave.

Then, i finally got back home. When i got home, It was 7:15PM. I ignored dinner, and all the water that was available, and just fell onto the couch. The mom thought i had gone out drinking, and i was drunk. I explained to her that i was just dead tired, and walked way too far.

She got me a 1 liter bottle of water. I continued to ignore dinner.

I was just so tired. All i needed was liquid. Although i hadn’t ate since 11:00PM, i was just so tired and dehydrated, that I didn’t feel hungry.

Around 7:30 i crawled from my desk to bed. I had a huge headache, and had downed that 1 liter bottle of water in a matter of minutes. The brita fridge filter was running low, and i wasn’t interested in having to refill it. So, i just settled with the water i had. As i went to bed, i could feel i had a headache from dehydration.

Then, i woke up at 2am, and wrote this. I still can’t walk, and i’m probably going to be in this condition for at least a week.

Have a nice day, kids.


One Response to “my trainwreck of a day”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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