Pink Floyd

July 15, 2005

Back a few years ago, i couldn’t stand being woken up to the sound of my dad blaring their “pulse” cd through the stereo.

And, i guess i avoided the music. it just didn’t appeal to me at the time.

Then one day many months ago, i went on a cd ripping frenzy, during my quest to have a 200 hour playlist. During that session, i ripped a bunch of my dad’s cds. In that set, was the same “pulse” album that had bothered me so much before.

Well, the album sat on my playlist for a very long time, and one day i decided to actually listen to it.

During that time, i had previously taken 3 excedrin migrain. I didn’t need to, but i feel life is more enjoyable when you’re slightly over-medicated.

While listening, i felt very very good. It kinda felt like a religious experience.

Since that time, I’ve been addicted to this album. My dad likes the cd too. My mom dislikes pink floyd. She actually bitched at the dad when he sat down to watch pink floyd’s live8 performance.

I got to see footage of them performing at that live8 festival. It’s cool to see that a band that old can still play such great music.

I’ve seen commercials for another new live album. I’m thinking about buying the dad a copy.

I should look into finding a pink floyd dvd. There’s probably one out there.

That’s all, Have a nice day.


One Response to “Pink Floyd”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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