Shay Bekman / XeoCommunications

July 13, 2005

A few days ago, there was a really really big thread at WHT about a guy named Shay Bekman, who goes by the alias of Portal. Shay and I were once friends. He once gave me free hosting for a useless bot that sat on #wht and i helped him with a bunch of css / xhtml questions he had. We were always good friends, and we were always friendly.

One day, Shay was banned at both WHT and WHTIRC. Why? Because The owners of Wht (Inet Interactive) Had recieved a chargeback for some orders that were done in advertising portal’s company XEO Communications.

I stuck up for shay when that happend, because i didn’t feel a chargeback was a valid reason for banning a user. Sure, it’s a reason to take financial action against the a guy, but not banning the user from a forum where not all of his activity is related to his company. Shay was eventually unbanned. But, after this happend he began spending more time away from wht.

Then one day in june, shay came by to speak of This thread. When i returned from an idle state, and said something, he PM’d me with the following:

<portal> if you wanna post on that thread “Sean you should really reconsider the way you do your business, for one your grammar and spelling are atrocious, and will only steer customers away from you. You on a forum trying to act as profesionally as you could, because this is your marketbase, take the time and fix those little things.”
<portal> I don’t want to look like im a bigger ******* than i already made myself out to be ;P
<portal> hehe

I didn’t post it, because i felt it would be dishonest. It’s wrong for anybody to relay a message without the message clearly being identified as being relayed.

Well, everything blew over after that, and shay left for another month until a big huge group of people started bitching at him at the thread that was mentioned in the beginning of this post .

While chatting with shay, i started asking him questions. Most of these questions were relayed to me by a guy named Myles who goes by the alias of Porcupine at WHT. During this conversation, portal got increasingly frustrated, simply because i wasn’t agreeing with him. It was during this conversation that the following was said:

<mikeylove> well, how old are you?
<portal> 19.
<portal> that’s been discuseed already.
<mikeylove> well fraggle says s/he met you 4 years ago, and you were 14 at the time
<epsol> you don’t owe me money, but you can give me money…..
<portal> I meant fraggle when I was 15
<portal> but nice try.
<portal> or even 16
<portal> You’re speculating again, that’s all you morons are good for. Speculation.
<mikeylove> okay, so you’re 18
<portal> I’m 19.
<portal> are you trying to convince me of my age?
<portal> wow.

19 Huhh? Let’s look at Portal’s Profile (Backup Screenshot). This tells that portal was born on March 12, 1987. If I subtract 1987 from 2005, what do i get? 18! Is my math right? Portal seems to agree.

So, after i post all this evidence, how in the world could portal save his credibility?

I am 19, this was discussed many times. Why do I have to repeat myself 30 times?

Un fucking Believable! I provide crystal clear evidence that he is a liar, and he still denys it! How!? That’s like denying the existence of bread after eating a sandwich! How the fuck could you do that!? Does he realize that there isn’t a soul on the internet who believes him after reading my evidence?

It’s fucking unreal. Nobody this stupid/dishonest/insane/irresponsible should be in charge of running a business, let alone a dedicated server / colocation company.


4 Responses to “Shay Bekman / XeoCommunications”

  1. 18 . . . 19 . . . . What’s the difference?

  2. Steve Saw Says:

    To be fair, 7 and 6 are right next to each other on the keyboard. What would he gain by saying he was one year older? 17 or 18 makes a difference. 20 or 21. But 18 or 19 doesn’t matter, unless this guy thought you might leak the news to Canada, where at 18/19 it’s either legal or illegal to drink and gamble.

    Of course, I only read your post and none of the thread.

  3. mikey Says:

    Well, here’s the thing.

    According to porcupine who personally knows the management at peer1, peer1 never had the chance to verify his age. He repeatedly told them that he was 18, and of legal age to enter into a contract with them.

    Because he is only 18 now, this means he was actually 17 when he signed up with peer1.

    It may have been a typo, but i doubt he made the same mistake multiple times. Remember – Not only did he say he was 18 on the earlier thread, but his profile also says he’s 18.

  4. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll -aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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