Racism in Wrestling

July 8, 2005

Tonight, i sat down in front of the tv to watch wrestling. I hadn’t watched this show in a particularly long time, but i felt like watching it tonight.

While watching, i observed the following blatantly racist story lines on the WWE’s Smackdown

In one story line, a group of mexicans who call themselves “the mexicools” have an enterance which involves them riding to the ring in a riding lawn mower which is decked out with various decorations (eg: leopard print). One of them is carrying a rake.

In another story line, A couple of arab guys named “mohammed hussan” and “novari” have a match against the undertaker. Novari is much smaller than mohammed, and is forced to wrestle the undertaker alone. Before the batch, mohammed says “you must sacarfice yourself for a greater cause”. During the match, the undertaker wins in a matter of minutes. After the match ends, mohammed is standing outside the ring, near the enterface. He then gets down on his knees, and puts his arms to the air. Once that happens, 8 masked men run into the ring and beat down the undertaker. After the beat down, they take some kind of wire, and choke out the undertaker. They do this for a few minutes until the undertaker passes out. After this happens, the men gather around the undertaker, get on their knees, and raise their hands into the air as if they are sacarficing the undertaker to their god. After that finishes, the 8 men pick up novari, and put him over their head, while he is laying on his back. The bit then ends.

Now, i might just be over reacting here. But, does this seem horribly horribly racist to anybody else?


2 Responses to “Racism in Wrestling”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox. 70 on INT scale.

  2. Krista Antonini Says:

    The title kind of turned me off, so, there was no need to read.

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