Rob’s Place vs. The Oxford Tap

July 1, 2005

Tonight, I got really depressed. So, like every other 21+ year old, i chose to drown my sorrows in booze.

It took me about 30 minutes to reach town. When i reached town, it was getting dark. I had the choice to visit either Rob’s Place, the place which i had previously visited on my 21st birthday; or The Oxford tap, the place which turned me away suspecting i was using a fake ID, on my 21st birthday. I chose to visit both rob’s place, and the oxford tap. As, a friend of my cousin’s had recommended i go to the oxford tap.

At Rob’s place, I ordered 1 White Russian. It was okay, but there was way too much ice in the drink. The drink cost $3.00, and was created with a about 40% Malibu, and 60% Absolut Vodka. After drinking the first drink, i pushed the glass to the end of the bar, and prepared to ask the bartender for a shot of vodka. Instead, he took my glass, and made another white russian, without me asking for another drink. I didn’t make a big deal out of it, and just drank the second white russian.

After finishing off that second white russian, i left, and ventured across the street to The Oxford Tap.

When i entered, i sat down, and looked at the tv which was showing the detroit tiger’s game. I waited for about 5 minutes until the bartender asked me what i wanted. With memories of the 2 white russians i had drank at rob’s place, i choose to order yet another white russian. He asked me for $5, and i gave it to him. After that, he walked around to take the orders of the other bar patrons, and instructed a 20 something year old semi-fat girl to make my white russian. I then watched as she took a slightly large glass, poured a whole bunch of dairy creamer into the glass, and then poured a small amount of smirnov vodka into the glass. She then put two very large straws in my glass, and put it in front of me.

While drinking it, i could barely taste the vodka. It was almost entirely creamer. So, instead of enjoying the drink, i just downed it, and left.

Rob’s Place3/5
Excellent ingredients, too much ice, great customer service

The Oxford tap2/5
Bad ingredients, bad customer service, larger drink, less booze


3 Responses to “Rob’s Place vs. The Oxford Tap”

  1. Blueyes™ Says:

    I’d have sent that drink back before I even drank it because there wasn’t any Khalua in it and then tell them read the bartenders guide before they make me a drink next time or better yet ask me I know what’s in the drinks I order.

  2. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox. 70 on INT scale.

  3. Krista Antonini Says:

    A white russian is cream and Vodka. The guns shoot out an automatic shot so that the bartenders don’t serve their friends extra liquor. A long island ice tea is the strongest drink that can be served in a bar. When you put your glass down the bar or to the front edge on the bartenders side that means you want a re-fill. If you don’t want a refill just hold the glass in you hand and the bartender will be right around as soon as she can get to you.

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