June 28, 2005


i’m tired.

about 8 years ago i got sick after eating some bad taco salad. for the longest time, i would avoid it. Today, i had taco salad for the first time.

it was okay.

tonight i ate an orange, and there were still seeds in the orange. The worst part was the seeds were huge, and tasted bad when they cracked open after i bit into one.

i downloaded some.. sam’s php5 unleashed ebook or something. i think i’ll start reading it when i’m not so busy.

my camera isn’t broken. I’m happy about that. You see, on saturday, i had dropped it, while it was still in my bag. When i opened my bag, and tried using it, it let out a big beep. But, i hadn’t even used it prior to that. So, i took my rechargable batteries out last night, and charged them overnight. Then today, i put them in my camera, and the camera’s just fine.

i read a few articles about some supreme court decisions today. They said that file sharing companies can now be held responsible for what their users are sharing. That’s pretty stupid. With that same logic, an american could travel to france, murder 8 people, and the America government would be held responsible.

then uhh.. i watched a show the other day called “Andy Milonakis Show” on mtv. I found it funny. All of you should watch it.

That’s about it, people. Have a nice day.


2 Responses to “today”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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