June 26, 2005

hello mikeyists,

Today, i woke up to the sounds of some offspring song blaring in my radio. I always set my radio to wake me up at the highest possible volume, that way i’m sure to wake up.

Well, i got dressed, and wrapped my camera in 3 sandwich bags to protect from what was supposed to be rain, then packed in a bottle of water, and my jacket as well.

When getting dressed, i ran into a problem – i had no shorts to wear. so, i had to pick out a pair of pants to wear with this short sleave shirt.

Then, i left, and after about a half hour of walking through 93 degree heat, i reached the show.

i sat down about 10 rows back from the stage, about 30 people were there. Most of them were old. The first band was good, the second was decent.

During those performances, i couldn’t keep my eyes open most of the time, because it was so bright outside. I drank my 1 liter bottle of water during those two performances.

Then i left, and wandered around town.

then i got thirsty again, so i went to a party store, and bought a half gallon of chocolate milk.

an hour later, and many “why would someone that fat wear something like that?” thoughts later, i was feeling very hot.

So, i walked across the street to the party store, and i bought a bottle of smirnov tripple black.

i then wandered back across down, and started drinking it. I had to be careful, because i didn’t have my ID on me, and cops were all over the place.

The smirnov wasn’t going down too well, my saliva was really thick, and it just wasn’t enjoyable. So, i threw the bottle in the garbage, and left.

Then as i was walking away, i saw a couple cops walking up towards the area where i was standing. I was very paranoid at the time, so i just left the place as soon as i could.

Around that time, i started feeling really really bad. i was really really hot, really really tired, and really really sunburnt.

so, i started walking home. the walk home was very difficult. I could hardly breath, and i was feeling generally terrible.

then about an hour later, i got home, and fell onto my couch. Then i got up, and stumbled into the bath room, where i saw that my face was purple. Not Red, purple.

So, i laid down on the kitchen floor, and left the air conditioner cool me.

then i drank a bunch of water.

and eventually the parents came home from a open house they went to.

they didn’t bring dinner. so, i laid around here, and didn’t do anything.

then around 9PM i had dinner. A toasted double decker tuna sandwich.

then uh.. that’s it. laterios people.


4 Responses to “here.”

  1. Extreme heat + chocolate milk + vodka = bad

  2. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll -aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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