The Oxford Blues and BBQ Festival

June 19, 2005

Tonight, i was lying in bed, pretty much hungover from the past days boozing.

Well, i was channel surfing, and i came across channel 19 (oxfordvision), and this guy was talking about a blues festival taking place in this town.

So, i listened on, and he went on to tell us about how it’s gonna be happening on the 25th, and it’s gonna be from 10:00AM until 10:00PM, and it will cost $10 to get in, and there will also be BBQ food.

he didn’t say if the food would be for free.

so, i’m gonna take some of the $350 i put in the bank, and use $20 for this 10 hour festival.

I’ll probably take some pictures.

Of course, it’s 6 days away, but i think it should make for a good day out in the sun.


6 Responses to “The Oxford Blues and BBQ Festival”

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