June 16, 2005

It doesn’t seem like i’ve updated this site in a while. I don’t really feel like waiting for /index.php to load, so i’ll just go along with that assumption.

Today, i stayed up all night, and then fell asleep around 9:00AM. For breakfast, i had ramen noodles. They were good.

I downloaded the latest version of nero, and a program called nerovision express. I downloaded these programs because i’ve been needing to burn a dvd of that final episode of lost.

After hours of downloading, i went to try and burn a dvd. But, i ran into a problem. My dvd burner / reader doesn’t recognize the disc. I have no idea why it doesn’t, but it doesn’t. Now, i’m left without a gift for father’s day. Unless of course, i can get this working.

The auction for powercolo.com ended at $40. Payment, and ownership transfer is being negotiated.

I got paid today. My paypal balance is now $365.05 . I’m going to wait until i recieve $40 until i push all my paypal funds over to my bank account. That way, i can cover the fee for the dsl modem as well as the 1 year subscription fee.

I’m wondering if this computer meets the hardware requirements for the dsl modem. They haven’t really provided any information regarding it. Is it a PCI Card? Maybe it’s an external device that plugs into a serial, or usb port in the back of my computer. I’d hate for it to be a serial port, because this computer didn’t come with one. It would blow hard if my system didn’t meet the requirement for the modem. I’ll probably call up the phone company tomorrow to check on just what kind of hardware it is, and if my computer meets the requirement.

The 4 liters of water per day deal is working out fairly well. Well.. not too well actually. I weighed myself today, and i’ve gained .4 pounds. How that happend, i have no idea. Maybe my body is holding all that water. I don’t get it, i’m peeing 5 times as much as i did without drinking 4 liters of water. Hopefully things will improve.

We had mcdonalds for dinner. It was good.

That’s about it, laterios.


4 Responses to “06/16”

  1. I don’t see McDonalds and Losing Weight going well together.

  2. Blueyes™ Says:

    ya fast food isnt good for loosing weight and you should always weight yourself when you wake up before you eat and after you pee

  3. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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