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June 14, 2005

For the past couple days, i’ve been considering a blog title change.

Mikey’s Blog Thing..

It’s a pretty good title. It wasn’t inspired by anything, i just thought of it, and called it that.

According to google, there are 111 pages where “‘s blog thing” is said, with no instances of “mikey” on the page. There are 253 results if you include “mikey” in it.

With Mikey
Without Mikey

I suppose i could come up with something that hasn’t ever been said before. Perhaps i could start calling it “mikeyfied”. Google things i meant to type “monkeyfied” when i searched for it. But, it has yet to said before.

I think that’s breaking some spelling rule.. Maybe it’s supposed to be mikiefied. That is I before E except after C compatible..

Maybe i could call it.. Dangerous Mike’s Dungeon… neh, too tatoo parlory.

mikey’s blog thing.. it’s a good title. Maybe it’s just a temporary mindset

i know alot of people have linked to this site calling it “mikey’s blog thing” . I’d hate to make those people look like they’re not hip with the times of blog renaming.

A while ago, i started calling myself juicebox. It was stolen from one of the funniest comedians i’ve ever heard. She was telling a joke about a female pornstar who called herself “juicebox”. That wasn’t the whole joke, but it was one of the funnier parts of the joke. If you have a dirty mind like me, you’ll know that the joke was based on a vagina sometimes being called “box”. Then you have “juice” which is usually wet. So, you combine the two, and you have “wet vagina”.

Maybe i could incorporate that alias into my site’s title.. “Mikey’s Juice Bar” sounds alright, but far too out there.

I suppose i’ll stick with “mikey’s blog thing”. It suits my mostly care free / confused attitude well.

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  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll aprox. 70 on INT scale.

  2. Krista Antonini Says:

    MENSA is 2% of the population….so, basically I’m screwed. Not as bad as you people, but….it isn’t looking real good.

  3. Krista Antonini Says:

    If the government (on a national level) does not subsidise industry, ie. the owner of a large, high production business, then, you end up with a boat load of dead workers. Why, because you know what you ordered and if it does not add up, then you ordered dead bodies.
    EXAMPLE: I order 10 million pairs of shoes from a factory in China that will give me a price of .25 cents a pair. Now, I ask (or I am told) that the Chinese government will 1-not subsidise or 2-will subsidies.
    option #1-if the Chinese government will not subsidise, then, I would NOT ORDER THE SHOES.
    option #2-if the Chinese government will subsidise, then, I WOULD ORDER THE SHOES.
    #1-the Chinese government is telling the United States government to subsidise large-scale, high speed industry as well as homes, jobs and families for Americans. If you disagree with this idea more than likely you would end up with a boat load of dead bodies.
    #2-the Chinese government is subsidising their workers and a low-scale non-working American economy upon the request of a few Americans.
    proof: K-Bite, did you get my point.

  4. Krista Antonini Says:


  5. Krista Antonini Says:

    In a death penalty state it is more difficult to convict someone of a crime. In the instance of the Tara Grant murder trial, second degree murder is correct. If Michigan were a death penalty state, the death penalty would have been concidered due to the grotseque manner of the crime even though it was secomd degree murder.

    In my opinion, abolishing the death penalty via grotesque murder is unethical. A death penalty should be abolished not as a result of a murder but as a result of a lucid written studied ethical shift in a school of thought.

  6. Krista A. Martin Says:

    Experimenting on human beings is illegal, this “brick in a wall” falls under experiment, all of its’ content is illegal uploading and illegal downloading. This is due to the context of the experiment and is not the fault of the sender or receicer of the context. Some of this experiment focuses upon an image problem.

  7. Krista A. Martin Says:

    The Wassenfels Museum Art Show was mocked by individuals with an image problem. This image problem was seen on the internet in the photographic form of an individual wearing an Indian style hind-quarter garb while also wearing an Arabic/Muslim style head wrap, this was an image problem because the person was at the time running as a presidential candidate in the United States of America.
    An attempt was made to match the image problem after a moch art show in Munich, Germany.
    The Wassenfels Art Museum show did not have any prior image problems, and often this is done in an attempt to profit from materials already produced; if a person is convicted of a crime they may not profit from materials produced, often an attempt is made to force an individual with materials that are already produced into a crime by criminals in an attempt to gain control over the materials that are already produced and in an attempt to gain control over materials that have not yet been produced. This would create an image problem for the individual with materials that have already been produced, that contained no image problem. This would also hault the production of materials with no image problem.
    Extreme image contrast is the result of a serious crime, as an example: the relative of a Catholic Priest / a person who is involved in pornography, this contrast is extreme because the the persons life would have to have been threatned in order to produce that type of image. That image would have been produced under direct threat of life.
    Edison was once told that one of his experiments was useless, he said that none of his experiments were useless.
    As one can see, the image problem of a Indian style hind-quarter garb and trubine on a presidential candidate, is a similar image problem to a Catholic priests relative photographed in pornography. (*the second described image problem generated by means of death threat.) If the second image problem were generated by death threat, would death threats continue to occur in repeated attempts to generate the image? most likely.

  8. Krista A. Martin Says:

    Meijer has a photomachine and I made a few prints, I had read the sign the day before which is clearly displayed, stating that professional photographs are not to be used in the machine. I brought my portfolio into Meijer, and made a few prints. The sales girl said, “These are professional,” and she put a label on the package stating that the pictures were professional, “I can’t sell these to you,” she continued,” you would have to contact the photographers who took the photographs and get written permission from them before I can sell these to you.”
    I understood what she said, “I am a professional.” I replied. “I own my own company, that is my image.” I said, pointing to myself in the photograph. “I have an attorney,” I continued, “I worked as a professional photography assistant, for people who take these.” holding up the prints.
    I put $24.00 cash onto the counter, picked up the prints which contained text, and left Meijer.
    The police could call the production company that does the commercials for Meijer, I could give the police the name of that production company that does the commercials for Meijer, the names of their business partners, and they could verify that I worked for them.
    Isn’t that something.

  9. Krista A. Martin Says:

    A lady who purchases her own health care isn’t very likely to spary paint on a window.
    Ask yourself, can you medically diagnose a person as a “terminal,” legally marry that person and concimate that marrage? That’d be a far cry from buying your own health care.

  10. Krista A. Martin Says:

    One of the rules, Catholic rules, is that nobody’s insane, everybody’s responsible for themselves, and, like I said before, if you don’t follow the rules you could end up dead. So basically, callin’ people a terminal and all that other shit that means that (the same as terminal) and trashin’ other peoples image ends up hanging yourself like Musalini. You gotta run people out of their money to do that. Run them out of their business. Not to mention you’d have to be into pornography to ruin somebodys’ image. Did you ever volunteer at the library? Were you a cheerleader? Did you letter in 3 sports? Did you work as a professional in a gym? Did you hand write a book? That’s the kind of business that you ruin, a library volunteer who hand wrote ‘the writing on the wall,’ and not to mention the rest of the books would be ‘another brick in the wall.’ “Thomas Edisons’ Christmas Tree,” that’s the kind of stuff that you stop production on, face it, your gonna hang in the middle ‘a Rome.

  11. Krista A. Martin Says:

    Now, I need my business loan.

  12. Krista A. Martin Says:

    The ugly side of Italian: Look at ’em enjoying their lives, oh yea well I think this and I think that, get ’em, you can’t say that, you can’t do that, now you understand this, not you understand that. My almamaders’ got me all hooked up, look, I’m married to a guy, I’m a guy, me and my sisters we graduated from U of m, I went into physics at Princeton, now, give me two stem-cells and those bitches better be dead, what’d you mean she didn’t donated blood, call her selfish, selfish bitch, abortion causes cancer, check it out; got me a kid from Korea, that bitch ain’t got nothin’, everything match up?, adult diapers match up?, now how you like your Nasa, what’s a matter, step-dad get disembowled?, uncle a quart low in the blood supply?, how you like U of M hospital?, bitch better be dead, how you gonna beat me now?, cop cars playin’ my tune?, how you like them red moles?, your old boyfriend Norv match up with your step-cousin?, With their Notre freakin’ Dame over here. Their Catholic this and their Catholic that, Edison, paha!, dumb stupid bitch, life formed with electricity, apex, that’s the biggest pile of horseshit, if I was there I’d stop her from writing, fuckin’ little bitch and her Edison. Kiev, cops were on their tail the whole time?, fuck that, didn’t even fuckin’ explode, I’m smarter, I went to college, sure, that’s why it’s slicer more, look, I’m a freakin’ butcher. That’s why gay’s legal, just call some bitch a terminal an’ make it legal to marry the bitch, check it out, legal rape, see, now we got rape all over the place, communist, just manage it through everybodys work place, see, now the bitch can’t have her health care, the bitch, see, she’s got to deal with me, what’s a matter bitch?, can’t keep your job?, we’d threaten to blow up a building for this shit, comes back from europe with her art piece thinkin’ she’s gonna get money, have some kind ‘a family right, deal with this bitch. What you gonna’ do now, can’t prove nothin’.

  13. Krista A. Martin Says:

    How the hell they gonna prove common sence is right? Maybe it’s the good side of Italian, 100% visual color test score, take that into the sporting goods store and ask the guy, what sport you think this person would enjoy?, bet ‘ya he’d say sport shooting. Know, you can win money doin’ that sport shooting, really?, how much can you win? Think she can put one bullet through another one?, hum, not sure. Their talkin’ about monkey butt, if they just video taped themselves and blasted it all over the place they wouldn’t be botherin’ us with it, I got a hunch some deal went down in Detroit not Richmond, what, now this bitch’as gotta stand around an talk about monkey butt instead of writin’ her novels?, that’s horseshit, where’s my story, need my Edison junk or whatever it is. What the hell is that shit anyways? Least it ain’t monkey ass butt.

  14. Krista A. Martin Says:

    A Sharpie and a tatoo, it’s a Saint; Edison invented the electric pen.
    A tatoo, I shop at the Catholic store, geeze, did you see that place, cripe.
    Maybe some of those guys would like the electric pen on the back of a two-bit, maybe I need my business loan before they eat me alive, Edison two-bit, just an idea, see you like the electric pen, maybe I should try to get my business loan.

  15. Krista A. Martin Says:

    Let me guess, she can’t get the test score ‘cuz she scored 100, she could give it to the cops, her opthamologist, her doctor, the sporting goods store, maybe other employers; they run her outta her health care every quarter of 7 years strait, their otta their minds. She bought her own health care, obviously she don’t agree with ’em, an that was after she brought back the war tile from Germany, at 34 you could still have kids, maybe two, their tryin’ a make the military a half-ass Musalini, they shot Osama Binladin then they had that party for Gadafi, face it, their tryin’ a kill ’em. Everybody knows cookin’ the books is a cake, yea, it’s a book shaped like a cake, ya eat it, you know, a bookie, ya have a party and ya eat the cake, you know, for when the USB port comes out, hey, maybe she didn’t wanna kill a tree. “Thomas Edisons’ Christmas Tree,” think.

  16. Krista A. Martin Says:

    They wanted a 100% visual and a score, they belong in jail. On top of it they started shit in the Meijer, it’s in Marysville, that’s the city between St. Clair and Port Huron, just put a Meijer in Marine City, the city south of St. Clair, then she could get farther way from the trouble, their the ones’ startin’ it, anything but the business loan, they kept this shit up for years, and it’s “legal” for them to keep doin’ it, 100% visual on a screen, don’t you gotta buy shit like this from a store. “Thomas Edisons’ Christmas Tree,” you’d have to buy that from Meijer, Macy’s or something, they need one of tose molds for that local place, sure, they could make them book molds, don’t they call that place continential plastics too, that’d be good, same guys they could make both that, car parts and book molds. 100% legal, more like 100% illegal.

  17. Krista A. Martin Says:

    Alright, the assassins in Seattle, hey cuz’ what’s up, long time no see, tryin’ to set it up, you know calibrate it, so I can see you and the other two, you know my agent, gee, wonder who that is. We’re goin’ for plastic injection molding books, save a tree, dang, your degree came in handy, thank God you majored in Forestry.

  18. Krista A. Martin Says:

    My business loan should come through any day, this is gonna be great.

  19. Krista A. Martin Says:

    Notre Dame, letter, one of those Catholic Banks, in the zone.

  20. Krista A. Martin Says:

    They got a Snite Museum of Art on the Notre Dame campus and there’s a American Museum Association on one eyed jack street in Washington, D.C., they ask for donations. The Ukraine would be nice, except goin’ over the ocean ain’t really the best. They gotta have good painters for these, wonder what kind of art it is, a bachelors in sarcaism and foul language would be great on that campus, don’t you think, perfect. Notre Dame will love it.

  21. Krista A. Martin Says:

    Juice Bar sounds good.

  22. Krista A. Martin Says:

    Can’t wait to get my dough, gotta love money. A Catholic Bank, that was a good idea.

  23. Krista A. Martin Says:

    Ref.: a lean a right, alleaner wright, refers to a lean on a gun.
    objecting to the lean: “Boots” the cat objects to the lean and believes that it is a personal choice that shouldn’t be made by others.
    People should be able to control what happens on their own property and if their property is out of control it is their fault.
    The decision making policy ref., to above has been in place at least since 1970, thus, my decision to purchase a house, have kids and a career as a writer was purposly not funded. The decision makers personal choice opposes my personal choice directly, and these decision makers definately have a tax problem which will be investigated by the I.R.S. and the F.B.I.
    According to my bachelors degree, the V.A.N. stands for violent-ass-niggers, which is what they add to the situation that they created for the person.

  24. Krista A. Martin Says:

    According to my calibration manual, the Bachelors Thesis is correct and that is what I am currently writing along side this second piece.
    In the Edison book that I checked out “Inventing the Century” pg.4 states that “Thomas Edison” was Chief Clerk in the Continential Congress, the First Congressional Church is where the Museum of American History is located, this is on the same street as the house on 4th Street from the 1800’s.
    In the book there is a picture with artistic writing underneath that reads “Edisons Newark Factory -Ward St. 1873-” and at the Museum in St. Clair on 4th Street there is a rock that reads “Second Ward School.”
    It also reads in the Edison book that they were from Dutchland.
    Edisons 1st wife- Mary Stilwell, American and European in apperance.
    Edisons 2nd wife- Mina Miller, American and Native American in apperance.
    Edisons second wife kinda looked like an Indian.
    I’m thinkin’ he lived on 4th Street, the house faces west toward the old Jr. High School and south of the house is the old First Congressional church that is now a museum. Inside the museum it has things from American and Native American, it has things that would have been inside of the house.

  25. Krista A. Martin Says:

    The church on 4th street refered to above is a the 1st Congressional Church which is in between the house on 4th street, 4th and Mulberry facing the old Jr. High School (NE), and the Baptist Church which is the Museum of American History. The old Baptist Church contains the artifacts that would have been in Thomas Edisons’ House. Thomas Alva Edison living in the house in St. Clair, Michigan at the NE corner of 4th and Mulberry would have been a patron of the Baptist Church.

  26. Krista A. Martin Says:

    The 2 churches on 3rd street are the Methodist Church and the 1st Congressional Church.
    The Baptish Church, also the Historical Museum and Thomas Edisons’ house in St. Clair are located on 4th Street.
    The first shot easily can range into the local area as we all know how the locals are, my lab was in the basement on Vine Street between 9th and the railroad tracks.

    During the cold war there was an intense ‘comma-and’ standoff, Russia going with no comma after the word ‘and’ and many Americans going with the comma after the word ‘and.’ I went with Russia, we probably ended up with both, hey, they probably ended up with both too. I still think that I should stick with Russia but I keep caving in with a comma-and, good thing I jammed a hyphen in it.

  27. Krista A. Martin Says:

    According to their out of town budget, the locals should get paid $500.00 a month for electricity and citizens outside of the City of St. Clair should get paid $400.00 a month. They’re located on 3111 Electric Avenue and locally in seems on 3rd Street. We’re located on 4th Street and it matches the lab. Maybe we should get paid for electricity since we hold the patent dumb ass.

  28. Krista A. Martin Says:

    A Thomas Edison Newspaper every Christmas with “Thomas Edisons’ Christmas Tree” printed would be fun. I seriously need my business loan.

  29. Krista A. Martin Says:

    Basically their stealing the Christmas Newspaper from underneath everyones’ Christmas Tree. Somebody should “shoot their eye out.”
    My business loan, get paid for electricity, somebody get off their dead ass. Son of a B#*&ch. Books on USB port, molds, obviously the tard fell and he can’t get up. It says Thomas on the top of the bus ya’ retarded dunb ass, fork over the money you anti-capitolist-commie piece of dog shit. Cripe, I’m sick of waiting around in tardland. Thomas Edison, newspaper, Christmas, yellow, who would’ve thunk it, a zarist administration isn’t American, that would make it tardland, something like Dutchland only worse.

  30. Krista A. Martin Says:

    Unlike Edison I’m not Baptist, I’m Catholic, just give me my loan through there and jam it up Notre Dame.

  31. Krista A. Martin Says:

    Dutch Edisons came over from Dutchland, the mom and her 3 year old son named John, when John grew up and got married, the date was October 10, 1765, ironically, in Grand Rapids, Michigan which is Dutch, I was run over by a Chevy Blazer on October 10th, that’s also my cousins’ birthday. Yea, that’s a proof.

  32. Krista A. Martin Says:

    In order to make the terminal / incompitence deal the authority had to make sure that I did not get my business loan that was for my family, for me to purchase a house and to run my business having a career as a writer. The 100% visual test score, which makes me a Sharpie shooter, is something that they don’t even concider and they can’t score that high themselves. I had to write a poem/story that’s the equivlent to ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas” in order to prove them wrong. A metal pen tip looks like a little bullett and I can wear 160 feathers, my poem/story is good. The authority still wants to support it’s employees, this is done at my expense and it impedes Freedom of Speech. When Freedom of Speech is impeded there is a crime being committed. The poem/story was supposed to come out on a one page paper at the local Catholic Church as well as in the Kardlets given to my immediate relatives. My imediate relatives currently attend the Methodist Church in their town, this church had a flier up in Port Huron Pathways. According to these people abortion doctors used to make house visits to people and tell pregnant women that the pregnancy was making them sick and that getting rid of that problem by abortion was recommended. The Catholics told them to get the hell out of their house. Then these people insisted upon giving Catholics their doctors, so they did this by other means than doctor house visits. The Catholics will never change their minds and they know that their not wrong. Their sitting back and laughing at the fact that you have a sidewalk psychopath set up in your town as a business. Their doctor thinks that an abortion doctor is the same as a serial killer and it ain’t my doctor, heck, I don’t even own my own house. They got it set up to beat the shit out of the cheerleader and have their friends beat up a muslim at the same time, both the cheerleader and the muslim will tell you that your ass holes because everyones’ entitled to a Christmas Tree, Thomas Edison practically invented the thing. Frankly, I think that he did invent the modern Christmas Tree. You can have a Christmas Tree if you want, you can compare and contrast religions as much as you want, everybody knows you have to put a train under the tree or in the tree if you can afford it, cripe. The guy was like Santa Clause. You could talk about the content of that mans character all day, it’s Thomas Edison, things were commin’ out of that guys shop like mad and everybody liked all of the stuff. They went insane over the electric pen.
    Their authority is duct taping the locals and I’m sure that their willing to do the same in their town. That’s most likely the reason that some of these kids think that it’s alright to call in a bomb threat, there’s other reasons also I’m sure, they could T.ake A. P.risoner dance around every subject and pay themselves money for it 365 for years. Is that why the cops already busted some guys with bombs in Kiev, obviously your the ones starting the problem with your politics and crap. I don’t apreciate you setting up a house for me to live in thanks, maybe you should just give me my business loan so that I can set up my own house to live in. Gee, how neighborly of you. Now what, their afraid that the cops, judges, teachers, attorneys, businessmen might get ahold of a copy of “Thomas Edisons’ Christmas Tree” and ruin their deal, there’s gonna be some hall deckin’ if they don’t knock it off.
    As to not impede Freedom of Speech, the insides of gooie candy like the Milky Way Bar is where the word gook comes from. They mean a middle far eastern oriential, an oriential that lives in between China and Japan, in between the chinks and the japs. Sure, their gooks, like gooie, gooped up, in the middle. You always wanna use your foul language correctly. They probably wanted a gooks ass kicked too, somebody should deck their halls. The politics, authority, government, criminals, etc. is what makes it harrassive not the language. Taking money away from an American so that the orientials get beat up in town is harrassive.
    When someone is focusing on the solution, focusing on the problem only suffices to avoid the solution; in other words, don’t bother someone with a problem when they are focusing on the solution.
    “Thomas Edisons’ Christmas Tree” will come out every Christmas tied in bundles with a string, wrapped in a grocery bag, once I get these jerks, commies, you can’t have your business loan kikes, off my back. This Christmas it’s being published and distributed to my immediate relatives, now you understand the Godmother. Why don’t you buck heads with the content of that guys character. Think I need my business loan.

  33. Krista A. Martin Says:

    For one of my novels I wanted try the Iron Cross for the cover, thinking in the zone and sports is ‘No Fear,’ and I really want to get to the gym. I used to live in the gym. A flip, and a flip, and a flip and a flip is three back hands springs and a pike going strait across and landing in the corner.
    Let’s say that they don’t give me my business loan, they don’t give me my business loan, they don’t give me my business loan, it seems to me that their focusing on the problem.
    Now, when you won’t get off the subject you got a bomb, in a bomb, in a bomb, in a bomb, that’s a round in a round, in a round, in a round, and when you think about it visually, it’s a target. Sure, your trying to put a small pointed object through the center of something that has a circle in a circle, in a circle, in a circle, concentric circles I suppose maybe, anyhow, it kinda makes it sound like your trying to hit somebody with a dart or shoot someone. Either way it’s a pain in the ass when someone focuses on the problem and doesn’t give me my business loan. Let’s say that they take one word out of any context and use that single word as reason not to give me my business loan, again, they would be focusing on the problem. Easily, focusing on the phrase “Thomas Edisons’ Christmas Tree” would be focusing on the solution.
    I wanted to write a sports novel for one of the ‘brick in the wall’ books, I’m going to call it “Head” because that was my favorite brand when I was a kid at the pool.
    I think I need my business loan.

  34. Krista A. Martin Says:

    Three back hand springs to these people drug dealing with no landing and R.S.D. means rising sun done, or rising son done. “The House of the Rising Sun” was a song originally sung by The Animals. Face it, you were out to get that boy because you didn’t like the fact that he had everything going for him. The local sheriff knows that you used me to sell drugs in the past, he knows how old I was and what kind of drugs they were, he also knows where they came from and how they were pushed into St. Clair.
    “Thomas Edisons’ Christmas Tree” is the reason that I need my business loan.

  35. Krista A. Martin Says:

    There’s a cork board outside the Catholic Store downtown and in the downtown mall parking lot, that’s the only places that I can publish my story/poem in town, frankly, since the churches are the only thing open on Christmas I think that I should have bundles already to go for everyone. The Godmother needs her business loan.

  36. Krista A. Martin Says:

    “Thomas Edisons’ Christmas Tree,” think I need my business loan.

  37. Krista A. Martin Says:

    The Scandinavians own the property that slander rackets are run on, their property obviously would be worth more if the racket were shut down, duh. Howard Hughes took a slander he shouldn’t have had to take and Edison shouldn’t have to take one at all.

    For the past 7 years I’ve praticed for my web page on Mikeys’ Blog Thing, at this point I’m willing to go up against any competitor with $500.00 each for a professional web site and I’m confident that I would win. Thanks Mikey!

  38. Krista A. Martin Says:

    *The “Thomas Edisons’ Christmas Tree” and “Hillbilly Heaven” by Krista A. Martin disc was stolen from the public library. The “Hillbilly Heaven” story is missing a page. There is an Impeach Obama poster outside the Post Office in front of the library.

  39. Krista A. Martin Says:

    **Interestingly enough, final change shows that there is a line that needs correction. Final change is a term used in Theater and Dance, when something is in final change it means that the routine can be changed for the last time before the performance. Since this is a world stage I was glad to be in final change, it means that your close to being finished and close to your final performance. Things have been stolen from me before, they just like to keep my things.**

  40. Krista A. Martin Says:

    **Most kids own more that myself, therefore, since my business loan was denied and associations were formed, that is a stolen compact disc even if it is found in the library.**

  41. Krista A. Martin Says:

    **The compact disc a Verbatum was stolen at the Marysville Library and Edison inventing the Century, 33939000833541 was the last book that I checked out from that library. That is your evolve from a monkey theory which opposes my electricity theory.
    At the Secretary of State Office reciently the address was updated and the voters registration was updated, the drivers licence is now expired as it was not updated.
    County Court papers showed up today stating that I, Krista Antonini, cannot handle my finances, this county employees name on County paperwork from Port Huron showed up at ISTEL in the Ukraine where two bombs were found.
    The voters registration shows the Luthern Church as the new voting location, therefore, I am refusing to vote.
    An Edison gravitar is what I was going to add to the compact disc and blog today.
    “Thomas Edisons’ Christmas Tree” is the sole property of the CEO of Studio A., Inc., and can only be published in the Ukraine.
    The story/poem took 7 years of hard work and it is 100% Catholic in theory and execution.

  42. Krista A. Martin Says:

    “Thomas Edisons’ Christmas Tree” can only be published in the Ukraine.

  43. Krista A. Martin Says:

    Checkin’ to get my gravitar.

  44. Krista A. Martin Says:

    How long does a gravitar take?

  45. Krista A. Martin Says:

    Yea, it’s Edison, does he go all over the place? Hey, this is fun.

  46. Yea, experiments are fun, o.k., the threats are aimed at my Macro Science and Art Company actually, so when I’m standing net to someone else the give or recieve the threat.
    When I spoke with the librarian at the Marysville Library yesterday she had told me to “call back in an hour or two and speak to the manager”, this morning when I woke up I realized that the reference was to managing my career. I, not having any money due to the fort/court that operates via the housing/heath authority within the County of St. Clair, though to myself, ‘my company actually recieved the bomb threat, possibly two, and I was standng on the property at Magna.’ It’s most likely not a good idea to steal the belongings of someone elses’ business, so I phoned the Marysville Library again this morning and asked if they had see the “Thomas Edisons’ Christmas Tree” compact disc, I informed the librarian that I would be checking in with them to see if anyone had found the disc.
    The disc was formated at the resource area, formerly the billiards area, of St. Clair County Community College, by an administrator. I transfered the story/poem from the notebook onto the formated disc at the Student Center.
    Court/Fort – Port Huron, SC4 location
    Monkey/Chinese gun powder theory of operation; hence, the formated disc ends up stuck in the 1st terminal on the right hand side of the left row facing the library office in the Marysville Library.
    Obviously it was written by someone who believes that all people should be out ahead.
    The theif would want all people out a head.
    Since I don’t have money for a pack of cigarettes, I got the distinct impression that prostitution is the method that is being promoted for the purchase of a pack of cigarettes. I’m opposed to crotch sharing. The monkey theory is foul and if the blind date has a kid, the kid needs to go to boarding school, obviously.
    Souix- kills white, brown and black, stopped short is Comanchie.
    Pair of dimes + are the two black young men who let the “cat” out of the bag.
    Pair of dimes – are the bombs in Kiev.

    Knights Pair of Dimes: Columbus / Round Table
    Table Manners (English) – you people need to stop playing with your food.
    The English guy at the law firm says, “My parents sent me to boarding school.” ‘Who wouldn’t,’ I though, “Garrison, your problem is that you never had footie pajamas.” “What are footie pajamas?” Garrison asks. He spent half his time trying to look up everyones skirt. His parents sent him a shoebox of ladies underware, I was like, ‘What the hell, must be some kind of English humor. A box of sin, that’s easy: Mad Dog 20/20, playing cards, cholocate and fake tatoos in a shoe
    The guy needed footie pajamas. What?
    Yea, and I need rollerskates and pig tails. Shut up and eat your snitzel.
    Civil right/ Civil War – hence, their right to use someone else as a test subject. The war’s over, ended in 1864.

  47. My 3-Teir is Thomas Alva Edison inventing gun powder in 1864, T=MC and the Heliocentric Universe.
    Edison would have another country (Ukraine)added to his list of patents: America, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Ukraine.

    “Thomas Edisons’ Christmas Tree”, business loan, hello.

  48. Krista A. Martin Says:

    The three tier account that they are using to steal is Mikeys’ Blog Thing Die Toten Hosen, Mikey’s Blog Thing Word Press and Mikeys’ Blog Thing United Collections. Using these accounts they shut down Studio A., Inc.’s business account forcing $3,000.00 of the CEO’s money into their business accounts.

  49. Krista A. Martin Says:

    These people ran the CEO out of every dime literally and refered to her as “irresponsible” and needing to “learn to manage your money.” after the stolen property was explained, “I’m not going to the Marysville Library.”
    It was irresponsible not to put the war tiles on loan to begin with; s.o.c. is to put a sock in it, a shooter on campus would be used to tell the writer Krista A. Martin to put a soc in it. Anyone who writes a story/poem worth over 1 million dollars and remind you the writer is the writer of the “writing on the wall”, “The Kilt” obviously the price of the story/poem would decrease if the writer were not Krista A. Martin, money talks, anyway, anyone who writes a story/poem worth over 1 million dollars deserves to own their own house, their cat “boots” deserves electronic cat toys, and their business associates deserve money for blog use and a free lifetime membership to the gym. Nobody in Marysville, Michigan should be running around with a story/poem disc worth over 1 million dollars. I would like my property returned.
    At the shopping mall they sell t-shirts with criminals on the front, and these are the people who are funded and provided police protection.
    In American Sports I think the three tier structure is: #1- Football, #2- Baseball and #3- Basketball.
    American Football is a runt, a punt and a towel in front. That’s a line of football players, the runt. A kicker who is sometimes on the field kicking a punt and a towel in front is worn by the quarterback.
    William from Colorado liked my writing he’s a really nice guy.
    I have one pictures in my portfolio right now, a collage with houses, a sidewalk and a rod iron fleur delese fence, that’s the image inside of the St. Clair Saints Football logo.
    “Thomas Edisons’ Christmas Tree” needed changes to a few lines, it’s almost perfect. I’m sure I’ll get my business loan any day now.

  50. Krista a. Martin Says:

    The blind date isn’t dead, Gadafi is dead.

    I’m sure I can beat a thief.

    “Thomas Edsions’ Christmas Tree” is a nice story/poem.

  51. My dad and mom showed up and we went to the Lynwood Bar for hamburgers found the “Thomas Edisons’ Christmas Story” compact disc at the Marysville Library. Whew.

  52. Before I went looking for a job today, I decided to give my 360 degree non-stop action sales pitch a try. Much like my 360 degree non-stop action sport tank which is calibrated currently to get the Mc “Small” Potato out of a wall, the franchise is designed to create jobs in modern standard lighting. Thomas Edison invented standard lighting and when combined with his Christmas Tree, this standard lighting piece can be displayed year around, comes in any color, and is decorated for any season. My sport tank is smaller, faster, and more accurate than any other design.

  53. Thomas Edisons Christmas Tree Store would sell Christmas Trees as standard lighting, as Thomas Edison was the inventor. The store would have Christmas Trees in every color, decorations for every season, small toy trains, socks with lumps of coal, cards made locally, cookies and candy. A real Thomas Edisons’ Christmas Tree.

  54. Maybe I need my business loan.

  55. The Thomas Edison Christmas Tree can be bought to suit any occasion or room decorum and brings the outdoors into your home. Thomas Edisons’ Christmas Trees can be bought for use in the kitchen with apple decorations, baking decorations, broom decorations, kitchen witch decorations, cooking utensil decorations. Tree toppers of traditional angles, stars, orniments and birds brighten the ambient tree in a room of your home where there may not be a fireplace. The Thomas Edison Christmas Tree can be bought for nautical decorum, sports decorum of soccer, football, basketball, tennis, rugby, golf, swimming, aquestrian, as well as country themes of farming, rosters, rabbits, pigs, horses, cows and common themes such as dogs, birds, cats and flowers. Christmas Tree decorations can be made out of your favorite keepsakes and displayed year round with this Victorian style standard lighting. A Thomas Edisons’ Christmas Tree would look nice in any room of your home while adding security, a beautiful color display and small town warmth, definatley a personal touch.

  56. The Thomas Edisons’ Christmas Tree Store and Story/Poem, this is going to be great; I can’t wait to get my business loan, everyone’s going to love it.

  57. The current t-tier account is:
    #1- pro-terminal,
    #2- pro stem-cell, and
    #3- pro-abortion, in my opinion that financial structure is a hinderance to the capitolist production of goods and services.

  58. The “Thomas Edisons’ Mechanical Bible” is a book that I am assembling, and everything should gap into place.

  59. Nobody has the right to know what parish the priest is in, not even the Catholic Bank; common sence tells you that the art piece should have gone on loan 7 years ago. What the experiment did was kill three relatives and it would kill a priest. It’s common sence that the business loan needs to go through.

  60. When a bible is refused funding whatever is being done instead is illegal.
    Perhaps I need my business loan.

  61. I’m being told that I need an attorney for everything that is average joe, to buy a stock of food for winter, to buy Broyhill furniture including a dresser, headboard, kitchen table, lamps, to get an annual pap smear at docotr Rinkies, to have a kid, to buy a house, you wouldn’t think that a person would need an attorney for that sort of average stuff; guess that’s why the Orange Revolution and orange spray paint are kinda the same thing.

  62. Why is there a hole in the bucket? Dear Liza, Dear Liza…..there’s a hole in the bucket because they brought your shit rag bucket inside along with the hole. Now the outhouse in inside and there’s a hole in the bucket.

  63. The Edison Christmas News is scheduled to be distributed on December 25th year 2012, the price is 1 cent per copy, the news is ‘Thomas Edisons’ Christmas Tree’ story poem and advertising space is available in the 4 page paper.

  64. So far I e-mailed Wolverine Worldwide, Schleich Toy Company, Amway International, Lego, Henry Rifel Company and Macys Department Store to see if they wanted to purchase an advertisment space in the 1st edition of The Edison Christmas News. I figure a big company could definately give me enough money to live and publish to as large a distribution size as they want. I offered the police a deal, an advertisment in The Edison Christmas News in exchange for sole access to the J.P. Morgan account that cost me 4 full time jobs with full benifits for the opposition to obtain.
    The telephone number of the Edison Bar in Hollywood has the same last four digits 0000 as Maximus self storage out on Range Road, I thought to myself, ‘Maybe I could make a plaque with the engraving “Thomas Alva Edison invented gun powder in 1864,” set up a shot and then mount the plaque over top the bullet hole and bullet in the bar wall. Maybe I could actually make money sport shooting a rifel, that’d be a good way to pay the rent.’

  65. I hope I sell a big advertisment soon.

  66. The three-tier court cases:
    #1- Casey Anthony
    #2- Van Der Sloot
    #3- Amanda Knocks
    if Americans were told to stay within the United States due to the summit:
    #1- the Casey Anthony trial would have the same outcome,
    #2- the Van Der Sloot case would not involve the Holloways, and
    #3- the Amanda Knocks case would have taken place in the United States of America.

  67. The two court cases outside of America involve people from four countries each:
    case #1- Netherlands, Peru, America and Aruba
    case #2- Italy, America, Great Britian/England, and one other country;
    locally, the factory zero (myself) had obtained four full time jobs with full benifits and these jobs were eliminated by means of the court (this court does put leans on guns without the expertise of a gun broker).

  68. case #2- the only outcome that would have reversed, and Ms. Natalie Holloway would definately be alive. (opinion)

  69. The Schleich Toy Company is a company that I notified of advertising space in the The Edison Christmas News, they also have Smurfs. I was thinking that a line of full color Smurfs would be nice.
    A color line that is factory would be 160 colors of Smurf, and adding the single blind, double blind and triple blind would give the Smurfs a larger color spectrum closer to the color block.
    a single blind would equal a one color pod ratio
    a double blind would equal a two color pod ratio,
    and a triple blind would equal a three color pod ratio, most people see a four pod color ratio which is closer to the color block.

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