June 11, 2005

Today, i did stuff.

i woke up around 10:30 and took a shower. Although i showered the night before, i was still sticky from night sweats due to the lack of cooling in my room.

So, i got the shower in, and then i got out of the shower, and sat down to watch a half hour of tv.

After that, i got dressed in my favorite green shirt, and my only pair of shorts, that have managed to fit the same, and stay together for the past 5 years.

Once that was all finished, i checked the weather report on the tv, and it said it was 94 degrees outside. I was feeling sunburn worthy, so i ventured out.

So, i walked up town in the heat, it wasn’t too bad. I still hadn’t ate since i woke up.

After walking for a while, i saw that m24 (the main road) was under construction, and was uncrossable. So, i decided to just go for one of the smaller barber shops. In our town, we have 3 main barber shops: Grodins – which is on the other side of town, and on the side of the road. Completely inaccessable. The Oxford Barbershop – a little place that is run by old men who really fucked up my hair about 10 years ago. I was considering going there today, but their sign said they were only doing appointments. The third option is a fairly new place with no real name. I had gone there last year, and was dissatisifed with their service because the lady cutting my hair smelled really bad. Because the untitled shop was the only option, i had to go.

So, i went there and got a hair cut. I discovered that it wasn’t the barber who smelled, but the equipment they use. The same women cut my hair, and it all turned out okay. A little short, but it seems just fine.

After that, i went to the oxford pub who had previously denied me service on my 21st birthday. They were advertising a 1/2 hamburger with fries, and a pint of beer for $5 and i had $10 left, so i went in there to have lunch.

The waitress had really nice boobs. She was very hot, and undressing her with my eyes was well worth the $5 charge for the meal. The meal itself was pretty good as well. The meat was slightly burnt, but the burger was prepared just fine. The fries were also good, i revisited an old tradition of dipping them in mayonaise. That’s one of my guilty pleasures. It tastes really good, but it is awfully fattening.

After drinking my beer and eating my food, i paid the waitress, and left. The walk back home was alot more difficult than the walk there. It seemed like the lunch i had had a really lagging effect on me.

After walking for a while, i got back home, and shocked the family with a new and improved hair doo.

Then i sat around and regained energy.

Later that afternoon while the mom was heating up the (propane) grill, she forgot about turning the heat down. When she got up to go out there to check on it, flames were shooting out of the closed grill.

She tried figuring out a way to open the lid to settle things down, but couldn’t get the broom handle to lift the grill from a distance. After that, i got out there with an aluminium poll, and managed to lift the lid with the poll. Following the lift, an enorormous cloud of smoke came flying out of the grill. We went back inside to let things calm down. After a minute, we sprayed some water on the remaining fire, and it was put out eventually.

Following the blaze, the mom was heard to say “i knew i should have cleaned the grill.”.

we had hamburgers for dinner… nothing was burnt. the burgers were slightly darker than usual, which resulted in a decent taste.

I have a mild sunburn.

pretty good day 🙂


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  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll -aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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