Morgoth’s MP3 Releaser

June 6, 2005

I spent alot of time searching for this program, and i finally found it a minute ago. I know it’s not the latest version, but it’s almost the latest version of the program.

You can download it here: . It’s 593KB, and it’s an excellent program for local mp3 management.

Have a nice day.

update – 9/21/05
Thanks to morgoth for replying to this blog post. You can now download the latest version (3.20) via the following url:


17 Responses to “Morgoth’s MP3 Releaser”

  1. morgoth Says:

    It’s so sad that noone hosted the actual release after morgothtools went dead but that was one of reasons why i retired.

    Here is the latest version i have created (this link will only stay for 30 days after the last download, so get it soon).

    If anyone is interested in the source, i could post it also, it’s written in Delphi but be aware is not documented and a big bunch of spaghetti code 😉


  2. mikey Says:

    Thanks alot, i just curl’d it to the server, and it’s up at this url:

  3. […] Exact Audio Copy is a CD ripping tool that ensures there is a good quality of your rips and not blipps and blopps all over the place. You can encode them to Mp3 directly, although I prefer to use Razorlame for that. Creating playlists, SFV files and renaming /ID tagging the MP3s is done with Morgoth’s MP3 releaser . […]

  4. -hmMM- Says:

    Hey Morgoth, I am ready to host your files and website if you like. I really appreciate your work 😀

  5. mikey Says:

    I’m not morgoth, and I don’t think he frequently reads this blog.

  6. JoxexitO Says:

    ese mp3releaser no me llega so mientras no me llege podria decir ke es 1 gran mierda!!!

  7. PSA9 Says:

    I need the source code so i can add some hardcore things in, email it to me if possible plz

  8. crayons Says:

    I have a question. Recently mp3releaser started locking up at the naming engine. Basically even before the GUI has opened up (when the Morgoth logo is still visible) it just freezes and I have to use task manager to kill it.
    Has anyone else had this problem and do they know how I can get around this?


  9. chris Says:

    hello Mikey and Morgoth,

    Glad to see someone has found Morgoth. I have been searching for years for a newer version of his mp3 vaccinator (i have To this day i cannot find a better program for verification.

    Christian Biagi – Ketchikan, Alaska

  10. happyhacking Says:

    Hey, very nice appz, i still use them, spec. the mp3 vaccinator and the mp3 releaser… it would be great to have the source code and maybe make some minor updates to gui and recompile with new delphi suite, to keep a fresh usable copy of it…

    hope you can publish the source code.
    thanx in advance

  11. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll -aprox. 70 on INT scale.

  12. […] m3u for you and it renames them like the group do, i use that shit in all my rips heres a link : Morgoth’s MP3 Releaser Mikey On WordPress theres a download link for that in there CS download that shit ? __________________ Click my […]

  13. mee Says:

    shame morgoth didnt post the code for mp3 releaser then someone could have developed a newer one

  14. prezes Says:

    I remember i used this soft so long time ago 🙂
    great stuff

  15. dbdunda Says:

    are here some working links?>

  16. I just found mp3releaser by morgoth updatet on 22.10.2011
    check this:

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