June 6, 2005

Today was an okay day.

I got $45 from my friend ‘wads’ for my birthday. That’ll be going towards the dsl fund, or the drunken birthday hijinx fun.

Due to get $150 in 10 days from sonataweb. That’ll put me over the cost for dsl. Woot 🙂

Tonight there was a big storm in michigan. A few counties were tornadoed. We were let off with a thunderstorm.

We installed the Air Conditioner today. Hooray for cold 🙂

I’ve been spending alot of time at myspace lately. It’s a good place to meet local people. The thing that sucks about myspace is that alot of the site modules require more effort than needed.

I’m working on downloading the final two episodes of the first season of lost. The whole thing is about 600MB. It should be my final long-ass-download project on dialup.

I took a shower as soon as i woke up. I woke up really sweaty. It wasn’t pleasant. Especially since i feel asleep around 6:30AM, and was woken up by discomfort in the early afternoon hours.

Family Guy, and the Simpsons were pretty funny tonight.

I recommend all of you obtain the cd “Party Animals” By the band “Turbonegro” . It’s very good music.

That’s all for today. Laterios.


One Response to “06/05”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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