June 4, 2005

Tonight, i went outside.

I’d been meaning to go outside all week. This night, i finally had time to take a break.

I wandered in the opposite direction i usually travel. I usually walk towards town, and from there, tresspass onto the gravel pit’s property. This time, i headed in the direction of addison / leonard / rural oxford.

I ended up wandering onto the gravel pit’s side of the road, and taking the polly ann trail through some parts of this town i had never been.

It’s pretty amazing how much work has been put into this trail. It took me about 2 hours to walk only a small section of the trail. I think i’m going to get back on the bike, and travel this entire trail some time this summer.

While out there, i took a few photos. I was only satisfied with one of those, you can view it here (707KB).

It was a pretty worth while trip. It did suck to have to walk about 2 miles down the side of the road with very little side-of-the-road space, with speeding cars nearly hitting me several times. While walking down the road, i saw a rotting dear corpse. It’s head was still intact. But, there was a big hole in it’s torso, and it had turned black due to rotting. It was pretty shocking to see it. Luckily, it wasn’t recently killed.

While walking down the side of the road, i found a full pack of cigarettes. I emptied out the package on the side of the road.

The actual street name sign for barr road was knocked down, and available for stealing. I was considering taking it. But it was pretty hard to conceal it for delivery down the road to home. So, i just ditched it on the side of the road.

Well, that’s about it for today. I’ve been getting out of the swing of blogging about normal do-nothing days. I usually try to come up with something to yell about on those days. Hopefully you all found the blogging of the past few days entertaining.

That’s all, Goodbye.


One Response to “06/04”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll -aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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