May 31, 2005

tonight, a discussion about door-to-door mormon popped up on whtirc.

I remember many years ago, a group of christian people (not sure what kind of christian) showed up at my door. It looked like a family, there were about 6 of them travelling door to door.

Before I go ahead with this story, you should know that there is a sign at the enterance that declares all types of solicitation against the rules.

Well, these people showed up at my door holding pamplets. The one leader guy had a really red face, he was pretty overweight, and he was wearing a white shirt, with a black tie.

When i answered the door, i said “Hello”.

He said “hello sir, we were wondering if you were interested in learning about our lord jesus christ?”

I said “no, not really.”

He said “Are you sure? You might be very interested in what we have to share.”

I said “yeah, I’m not really interested in reading any propaghanda right now.”

He said “Well we’re not really sharing propaghanda, just the truth about our lord”

I said “That’s what the communists said.” in a joking manner.

He said “Well, would you allow us to come inside to share some of our literature?”

I said “No, the place is messy. By the way, did you catch the sign at the enterance that declares solicitation against the rules?”

He said “Well, no sign is going to stop me from sharing the truth about our lord”

I said “speak for yourself, he’s not everyone’s lord.”

He said “Well, okay sir.”

I said “well, i’m not interested anymore, goodbye.”

As i was closing the door, he yelled something about me going to hell if i don’t agree with their religion.

Looking back, i kinda regret not letting them in to talk. I was kind of a dick. But, they should have respected our no-solicitation rules.

I’d like to see some more religious types show up at our door. One time i was walking down the road, and a van pulled over with 2 teenage boys holding a sheet of paper asking people to sign it if the person believes jesus is our lord and savior. i didn’t sign it.

What’s with christian people and solicitation? Can’t they get their existing church members to go along with their plans? Why do they need to recruite people? I think everyone has heard of christianity, and all those interested have signed up.


2 Responses to “mormons”

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