May 17, 2005

Today was an okay day.

I made a wrap for the first time. It was a turkey wrap. It was good.

I finished downloading a david cross cd last night. funny stuff.

The parent’s bankruptcy hearing is tomorrow.

i arranged a payment system with sonataweb. I’m paid twice per month. Today i recieved $150.

I registered . I think i’ll start a pornography website.

I watched the movie “wargames” in full for the first time lsat night, it was pretty funny.

I’m weary to go out picture taking on cloudy days. I’m afraid my camera will be ruined if it starts raining.

I upgraded the listing for . It costs me $40.

A few days ago i started talking to a girl that i used to talk with a year ago. Her name’s Stephanie, she has really big boobs, and she’s back in oxford. Maybe we’ll meet up while she’s still in oxford. Her birthday’s wednesday. If she’s reading this, Happy birthday steph

Funny story about steph, she used to date my friend Chris. While she was dating chris, i became acquainted with her, and eventually i started coming on to her. It was during this time that i realized that i have hit on almost every friend’s girlfriend i have ever known.

It’s not like they don’t like it either. They are all completely willing, and they just loved the attention.

And yeah, i feel guilty about doing it. But I have lectured to all of my friends not to engage in a commitment before they turn 25. But they continue dating these people who aren’t ready for commitment.

Why do people starve themselves of things they want? What’s harmful about not engaging in a commitment, and fulfilling your urges? People always like to throw the possibility of getting an STD, or getting pregnant when confronted with this issue. Have these morons ever heard of condoms? This isn’t 1945 anymore.

Anyway… I watched the last episode of Everybody Loves Raymond tonight. I hadn’t ever watched the show when it aires on cbs normally. It was a pretty funny show.

That’s about it. Laterios.


2 Responses to “Today.”

  1. SafeSimpleLife Says:

    Hi. This is an incredibly weird way to contact you, so I apologize, I didn’t see an email address anywhere. I saw your post on a message board dated some time back about a strange feeling in your legs during school and how only moving relieved it… anyways, I’ve been looking into it as I have the EXACT same thing, and haven’t found anyone else that described the same thing (RLS doesn’t match since its supposed to be at night while these are daytime symptoms). Did you ever find out what it was? Please let me know. you can email me at and feel free to delete this comment. I apologize again for contacting you in this manner.

  2. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox. 70 on INT scale.

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