I’m an Ass Man

May 10, 2005

For the past few years, my preference in girls has gone from girls with large breasts, to girls with large ass.

A fondness for big boobs still exists, but if i were given an opportunity to choose between 2 girls with identical face, height, and weight, with weight replaced between boobs and butt, i would probably pick the girl with a big butt.

There are some things that will scare me away from a girl with a big butt. Things like.. lumps, an awkward shape, stretch marks, or a pale skin tone just don’t turn me on.

The ideal combination would be a girl with big boobs, and a big ass. With little or no fat in the stomach

There are things that ruined boobs . When i was a fan of boobs, i disliked girls who had big nipples. Also, abormally large boobs (F+) turn me off.

There’s some great pornography featuring girls of the big ass stature. Some of my favorite big-ass pornography websites are assparade.com and onionbooty.com .

Most of my friends know about my preference, but just in case none of you knew before, there you go.


One Response to “I’m an Ass Man”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – 70 on an INT scale.

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