i’m still here.

May 9, 2005

yeah, i’m still bloggin’ along..

i’m still using opera. i’m more used to it now.

I did some fixing on post whatever . it’s back to parsing \n as
, and i added a button for adodb in the footer. I think i might make a new better looking button.

I got a job doing tech support, server administration, and sales with sonataweb . That’s been tying up alot of my time for the past 2 days. It’ll be good to have a source of income.

I started downloading Photoshop CS 2. It’s pretty huge, and will probably take a few days to finish. Last night, i downloaded 77.2MB of the 300+MB Package.

Does anybody know what happend to that show “stacked” ? Did it get the axe after only a single episode?

Speaking of cancellations, It looks like Arrested Development got the axe. I hope they’ll ditch the new “American Dad” show and start airing arrested again.

The weather’s been really nice lately. I would like to go out picture tkaing tomorrow, but it’s due to rain.

I’m still considering starting that porn site. We’ll see..

That’s about it, laterios.


7 Responses to “i’m still here.”

  1. evilrabbi Says:

    That stinks that arrested development got canned. =\ that kinda upsets me.

  2. CeriPlex Says:

    Speakin of postwhatever, here’s a question. Do you allways ban people from your site when you have an arguement with them on wht?.. thus getting them banned?

  3. mikey Says:

    Actually, i banned you because you posted an incredibly long post in an effort to disrupt the status of post whatever.

  4. CeriPlex Says:

    Really?… I don’t remember that.. when was it and what was the message? (a quote, not the whole thing)

    Any chance I could be un-banned then?

  5. mikey Says:

    today, another friend pm’d me at wht saying it was him.

    i’ve had alot of bad luck with f2s users..

    you’re unbanned now.

  6. CeriPlex Says:

    Fair enough

  7. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll – aprox 70 on INT scale.

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